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Convert EDB To PST Flawlessly With EDB To PST Converter

James Ryder ~ Modified: August 24th, 2015 ~ Email Conversion ~ 3 Minutes Reading

EDB files are the main repository for storing mailbox data of Exchange server. These EDB files store both in-process and the non-SMTP messages. There are two main kinds of EDB file- Pub1.edb and Priv1.edb. Both of these EDB files contain a STM file that stores the SMTP message of Exchange server. At times users look for other file formats like Outlook PST, in order to access the EDB file data. Before moving on to the method by which this can be done, let us know the reason why the conversion is required.

Necessity of EDB to PST Converter

The need to convert EDB to PST file arises at the time of one of the following mentioned conditions:

  • At times it happens that the EDB files or mailbox gets orphaned or unmounted. At such situations it becomes impossible to access these files with the help of the Exchange server as they get detached from it. Therefore the last resort in such cases is to convert them into a different file format.
  • Due to some technical issues or other faults, Exchange server becomes inaccessible. This can happen when the server is down for maintenance or is currently unavailable. At such instances; the user can access the data residing in the EDB file by converting it in PST file format.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned scenarios, it becomes essential for the users to deploy EDB to PST file converter so as to access the data residing within their EDB files. This will enable the users to convert the data in PST format and then access it in Outlook in the form of PST file.

EDB To PST Converter: Smart Tool For EDB Conversion

EDB to PST file converter is the perfect tool for the users who are looking forward to convert EDB to PST file format. Let us take a quick glance on some of the features of this software:

  • Converts the data of EDB file into UNICODE PST file.
  • No size limitation imposed on the size of the EDB file.
  • Creation of single PST file for each Exchange mailbox.
  • Option to split output PST file in multiple PST files.

Working Of EDB To PST Converter

In this section we have mentioned the working steps of software. This will help you in getting acquainted with the functioning of the tool. Have a look.

Step 1: In the software panel click on the top-left option Add File to add the EDB file that needs to be converted to PST format.

Convert EDB to PST File



Step 2: Click on the Browse option to add the EDB file and also its corresponding STM file.


Step 3: Once the file is scanned you can easily view the data residing in the EDB file. The Normal Mail View will enable you to view the entire emails and the Attachments view will give you a preview of all the attachments embedded in the emails.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 4:  Click on Export option to convert EDB to PST file format.


Step 5: Select the PST Split option to split the output PST file into multiple PST files.


Step 6: Click on Browse option to elect the destination location to save the resultant PST file.

Convert EDB to PST

Step 7:  Check the Ignore System Folder box in case you don’t want to convert the default folders of the EDB file.

Once you are done with the above steps, the EDB file data will get converted to PST file data in a few moments. The EDB to PST Converter software serves to be a great tool for performing the conversion of EDB file data.