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Is There a Way to Split a PDF Document

Alessia Manon ~ Modified: May 13th, 2023 ~ PDF ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Is it possible to split a PDF document? Is there a way to split a PDF file? If yes, then how to break up a large PDF file into smaller files.

These are the questions that you come across very often when you face difficulties in managing large size PDF files. People spend time looking for a way to find a resolution on these issues like “Is there a way to break up a PDF file?”.

Of course, there is a way to split PDF documents. Lets’s find out!

Well, here in this blog you will get to know about the best solution to split a PDF into multiple files. Read on!

Do you know the Fastest Way to Split PDF into Multiple Files?


The PDF File Splitter tool is a streamlined software that allows users to split the PDF files efficiently. It is a software that works with advanced technology that helps to split PDF pages into separate files without losing a single bit of data. Moreover, all the data remains intact or unchanged even after the splitting process. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS including 10.

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It is a remarkable tool as it comes with 6 different split options such as:

1. Split by Page: By using this option you can pull out pages from PDF documents according to their page number.

2. Split by Page Range: The tool provides an option to divide the pdf by assigning a specific range of PDF documents. For instance, to get the pages from 7 to13 in a separate file, type 7-13 in the textbox. You will get your desired PDF file.

3. Split by Size: With the help of this option, you can easily break PDF files into small parts by using a common size for all.

4. Split by Each Page: This option allows you to break each page of a PDF document in separate files.

5. Split by Even Pages: : You can create a separate PDF file containing all the pages in an even number of count of all added PDF files.

6. Split by Odd Pages: The software will break up odd-numbered pages of the selected PDF files.

Is There a Way to Split a PDF File into Multiple Files?

You just need to download and install this automated software. Now, follow the below simple and quick steps.

Step 1: Run the PDF splitter tool.

Step 2: Click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder option to insert PDF documents. Hit Next.

Step 3: Select the PDF split option i.e. Split By Page, Range, Even, Odd Pages, Size, Each Page.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Split‘ button to start the procedure of splitting PDF files.

Step 5: Finally, the process of splitting is completed successfully, hit the OK button.

Some Prominent Features of the Software

  • The software can Divide and Merge PDF Files in Batch
  • Maintain formatting & keep attachments of output PDF files
  • No limitation on the Number of PDF Files to split or merge
  • Provides the option to Skip Attachments from the output PDF file(s)attachments
  • Support to split or merge known password-protected PDF documents to split PDF files
  • Supports Windows OS 10 & below & Mac OS X 10.8 & above versions
  • Compatible with all versions of Adobe PDF documents.

Final Verdict

If you want to know “Is there a way to split a PDF document into multiple files” then read the above blog. In this article, we have introduced a professional way to break pdf files into smaller parts. With the help of this automated software, you can deal with all file handling issues in an efficient manner. It provides various options to split large PDF files into multiple files. Along with this, it has a merge option as well to organize the documents more efficiently.

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