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How To Split .PST File Size?

Alessia Manon ~ Modified: May 12th, 2023 ~ Outlook ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Business enterprises or organizations use desktop email clients as their emailing platform since it provides more security to the data they deal with. Compared with the web-based email clients, these are less prone to intruder attacks. And the most used platform is MS Outlook since apart from emailing; it allows the storage of contacts, notes, journals etc. and are stored in .pst file extension. These features make Outlook as the main piece of evidence collection from investigation point of view.

When it comes to a situation where the business organization has registered some case on their employees or any other then, firstly agents go for a check on Outlook. Since information available from Outlook is vital, they cannot be left over; thorough searches on the files are important. However, problem occurs when investigators has to go for a separate search on the files then the question arises how to split .PST file size?

Consider the scenario;

“Suppose the investigation is carried out by a team of two or more and have only limited time to cover up the case. Moreover, the investigation is following an order of “before” and “after” the crime has taken place. Agents has to separately investigate on the case and come to a conclusion as fast as they can.”

In such situations, agents will have to split PST file into smaller files. Only by splitting the file, processing can become easier and investigation can be covered fast. But, the issue is how to split .PST file size? There are no possible manual ways available to split Outlook PST file. However, if needed then, can copy the PST file or archive the file and make copies to proceed the investigation. Making copies and distributing among the officers may work up to a limit. But, it won’t be easy when it comes to the ordering as mentioned before; “before” and “after”. In such case, investigator will have to search on the whole file and it will be a tough task when file size is big or time is less. If there were separate PST files for the emails according to date or year or any other ways, it may speeds the investigation.

How to split .PST file size? Is there any possible way to separate the emails to different PST files according to date? Is there any ways to split PST file into smaller files?

Answers to all these questions can be given by third party-software. Let us see how third party helps to split outlook PST file.

Split PST Software To Separate PST File

The software is a safe and advanced application, providing the facility of splitting the PST file. It has ability to split PST file into smaller files by retaining the originality. With the utility, users get four different ways to split the large PST file i.e. according to date, size, folder and year. The friendly interface of the tool allows an easy way of splitting the file without the help of any assistance.

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The above mentioned situation can be solved by the split by date option preserved in the tool. Users can mention the date and the tool will split Outlook PST file into two based on the date. This helps to follow the pattern of “before” and “after” the crime has taken place.

How to Split .PST File Size

Apart from the date wise split, the software renders the service of splitting the file folder wise, year as well as size. During the split PST file into smaller files, tool ensures complete split of data without any change in the Meta data.

Investigation on a big file is very hard and finding evidence out of it takes time as well. If the file is divided into smaller parts then, it makes an easy go through the file and investigation won’t be complex. So far there are no manual procedures that demonstrate how to split .PST file size. Therefore, Split PST is an appropriate tool to split Outlook PST file size, does the division within seconds.