End User License Policy – XploreForensics

Make sure that you carefully read the following End User License Policy paper before the installation, usage, or distribution of any product, except if a separate license agreement contracted by XploreForensics is owned by you or your organization.

If the terms and conditions mentioned in the EULA are not acceptable by you, then sternly make sure that no copy of any software from XploreForensics protected by this license is, neither installed, used, copied, nor distributed to a third party, whatsoever. You are under the responsibility of returning the entire unused software package, without requesting for a software activation key within 30 days of purchase to take benefit of the complete refund amount of the payment.

Terms and conditions of this license paper officially denote the authorized use and users of every software copy protected under this license. The license usage on owning a valid single-user license, you are given the authority to use the software copy under an individual user license. If a multiple user license of XploreForensics software copy is owned by you or your organization, then you and/or your organization are authorized to use as many numbers of software licensed copies as mentioned in the papers issued by XploreForensics during the license distribution.

Scope of Product License

Licensed Copy of the purchased software can either be used by the user owning the license or can be used non-simultaneously by multiple users with a single installation of the licensed software on one machine. All types of rights on the software, which may not have been granted overtly in the user license, exclusively owned, reserved by and to XploreForensics. You are restricted from leasing, renting, modifying, translating, decompiling, disassembling, using reverse engineering or creating imitated works established upon the software and must no authorize anyone else to do the same too. You are not authorized to make the software access available to anyone in association with application service provider, service based bureau, or anyone having a similar business setup. Nor must you allow anyone else to do so.

Accountability Restrictions & Renunciation of Warranty

The product and other associated product, data, material, & files, are supplied and distributed as is, with no guarantee of any form, whether explicit or implied. You acknowledge that good data management procedure demands that any product, including the software, intends to be tested thoroughly with a non-essential data prior to depending on it. You hereby, foresee the entire risks of using the software copies protected under this license. The renunciation of warranty symbolizes a crucial part of the entire agreement. Moreover, in none of the cases does, XploreForensics grant you or any individual to make use of the products owned by it, on systems or programs where its performance failure can reasonably be expected, leading to a substantial amount of physical damage or, in extreme cases, the loss of life.

Any of the targeted use of XploreForensics software is entirely carried out at your own risk, and further you accept holding XploreForensics safe from all or any, damages or claims related to such illegitimate use of the software. In no case will XploreForensics or its beneficiaries be held accountable for incidental, special, indirect, or eventful losses, whatsoever, (involving, business concerning profits being lost, without limit, interruptions in business, information related business lost, or other financial losses) resulting from the inability of using the software product or the provision of or inability at providing assistance, although XploreForensics has been advised regarding the chances of any such losses taking place. In any such event, the entire financial obligation provision of XploreForensics shall only be limited up to the actual amount invested in the software product by you.

Common Terms & Conditions Of The License

The license provided itself, is a complete agreement of the conformity between the involved parties in acknowledgement and dismisses all other or previous accordance, arrangements, and purchase orders. You thereby, come under the legal duty of abiding by the jurisdiction and locale. There will be no external beneficiaries for the obligations, representations, or promises made by XploreForensics. This license policy acts as the perpetual affirmation of understanding between the acknowledging parties. 

In any unfortunate case where any provision of the licensing policy being invalid, the parties admit that the authenticity of the corresponding portions of the license shall not be questioned or affected by the prior invalidity.