Refund Policy

The placed order is processed via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. The entire data entered in the pages is protected and encrypted using 128 bit SSL protocol and is transmitted to the receiver through a secured connection. The data can only be read after being received.

Activation Mail or Download Mail

An email will be sent from XPLOREFORENSICS or on behalf of XPLOREFORENSICS by an authorized reseller or from payment gateway once a purchase is being made for the product/software online. The email contains the link for the purchase version of the product/software and the credentials required for activating the full version of the product/software.

Strong Recommendation For Using Demo Version

Our software are designed with a prospective to explore forensic artifacts and have been tested to give a complete preview of the data for forensic analysis purpose, where they gave 99/9 % successful preview results. However the customers should be well acquainted that there can be certain scenarios in which our software might not be able to generate complete preview of the metadata. Also in case, your data has been overwritten by new data, then also there might be chances of unsuccessful viewing of data. This can be tested with the trial/demo version of the software which give a complete preview of the data. We expect our customers to cooperate with us to get 100% product satisfaction.

Guidelines For Refund

The client has the right to request for a refund of XPLOREFORENSICS software within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase, if your case falls under following refund guidelines:

  • The purchase should be directly done via XPLOREFORENSICS or authorized reseller of XPLOREFORENSICS.
  • XPLOREFORENSICS holds no responsibility for any of the following conditions:
    • Any missed or misdirected mail.
    • Any delay in communication or downloading process.
    • Delay resulting from an ungoverned factor.
    • Any mail marked as spam by the client's email application or the client's email server.
    • Mail for purchase or activation being bounced by receiver or sender mail server due to any reason whatsoever.
    • Once purchased and after completing the process, you don't require the software longer.
    • You accidentally made the purchase and want to get the software removed from the system.
    • While making the purchase your aim was not to purchase this very software.
    • Trouble faced while trying to run the software in your computing platform.
    • The purchased software is not supported by your operating platform.
    • Weekend delay in the processing of license.
    • You are unable to run the software as your system does not meet the basic requirements for running the software.

Refund Will Be Only Made If Following Conditions Hold True

  • In case the user was successfully able to perform the operation with the demo version but the same functionality was absent in the full version.
  • If our technical support team fails to resolve the client's issue.

XPLOREFORENSICS is not responsible for any misinterpretation by client, on the material content published for promoting the software/product.

  • Refund will only be made when a signed Letter of Destruction in the form of email is received by us from the client, within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The refund will be processed within 15 days from the date of receiving of Letter of Destruction from the client.
  • In the scenario of failure of Full version to give the desired results, we will provide an alternate solution instead of a refund.
  • You can also contact the technical support team in case the full version fails to execute promised operations. After analyzing, our technical experts will provide you with a solution and in case the issue still persists, then the money will be refunded on the grounds of issues solved by the purchased software.

Refund Is Not Validated In The Following Cases

  • When user does not upload his data files on our FTP server (when we agree to sign the NDA) in case of the software failure.
  • If the client made the purchase for the Full version without running the demo version of the same software.
  • If the software gives 30% view of the database successfully, the refund cannot be claimed.