Windows Live Mail Forensics 2.0

Windows Live Mail Forensics tool is a rational solution used globally to gather email data along with associated minute details from WLM .eml files.

  • Standalone tool to view & read EML files
  • Vertical or Horizontal mode to view EML file
  • Examine specific word through Searching option
  • Works on Windows 8.1 OS & all below other versions

Vital Features of Windows Live Mail Forensics Tool


Preview for Thorough Analysis

EML files can be added to the tool and its minute details can be viewed with definite entities including; message body and associated Meta necessary for Windows Live Mail forensics.


View Email Attachments

Users can analyze Windows Live emails and with-attached files like; .doc .docx, .ppt, .xls, image files through an in-built attachment viewer for respective EML files emails.


Search Function Available

The windows live mail analysis tool is acquainted with search facility which helps you to find emails using specific keyword/word/phrase in the search bar. Emails are listed with inserted keywords separately.


Auto Locate/Load EML Files

Once the folder with EML files is selected, the software starts processing EML files and loads them all with attributes making the Windows Live Mail analysis procedure easier and effective.


Dual Viewing Modes Available

By default Windows Live Mail tool will display emails and attachments in horizontal mode. This can be changed over to the second view option available, i.e. vertical mode by switching it.


Mail Client Installation Not Required

The tool provides a platform to examine Windows Live Mail emails without Windows Live Mail desktop client installation. This helps users to perform email analysis without any restrictions.

Software Screenshots

Step 1: Install The Utility
Step 2: Read EML Emails
Step 3: Search Via Keyword
Step 4: Switch Between Horizontal & Vertical View


EML File Viewer Software Specifications

Size: 9.5 MB Version: 2.0

System Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I also view email attachments with this tool? If yes what kind of attachments?

Yes. Windows Live Mail forensics tool is capable to show attachments of emails. One can view MS Office files like documents, presentations, images, etc.

Can I operate this tool on Windows 8.1 version?

Yes. The software is Windows based and all the versions of this Operating System are supported by this tool.

What Clients Says About Us

Searching through Windows Live Mail email files in bulk is complicated task. Thankfully we were equipped with a prominent solution Windows Live Mail forensics tool which directed us towards an easy approach to handle bulk emails and view its data."

- Freda Jonas | Berkeley

While performing analysis on one case we encountered situation where Windows Live Mail analysis was supposed to be done. Due to limitation of resources, we were unable to view EML emails. Thanks to this WLM forensics tool, we could perform our analysis!"

- Antonio Garcia | Barcelona
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Supports Windows 8.1 & all its below versions
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