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Top 5 Best Duplicate Video Finder For Windows and Mac OS (2024)

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On April 10th, 2024
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Context: Are you wondering, why your PC or Mac is slowing down? Are duplicate videos present hampering the system performance? Are you thinking of using the duplicate video file finder tool? And more. All such questions will be covered in this blog on the top 5 best duplicate video finder. 

Generally, it is observed that the accumulation of duplicate video files over time can significantly slow down the system’s performance. Thus, it is best to use the duplicate MP4 finder to get rid of duplicates. However, it can be challenging to find the right one out of the abundant choices online. Don’t worry, we have prepared the list of best tools tailoring your needs and machine requirements. Let’s begin!

Things to Consider While Choosing Duplicate Video Finder

Selecting the right videoduplicatefinder utmost depends on your needs and preferences. Go through the following factors once: 

  1. Pick an efficient duplicate finder tool.
  2. Prioritize accurate subtle difference detection.
  3. Assess tools based on specific needs.
  4. Ensure preview before managing duplicates.
  5. Choose user-friendly file management.
  6. Check explorer integration and auto-selection features.
  7. Prioritize regularly updated tools, and good support.
  8. Look for an intuitively designed interface.
  9. Consider budget-friendly pricing models.
  10. Read reviews for effectiveness, and ensure privacy.
  11. Verify platform compatibility for seamless integration.

Now, comes the most interesting part. Which video duplicate finder is the best to opt for?

Top 5 Best Duplicate Video Finder (2024) – A Genuine Comparison

 We have set certain hidden parameters to differentiate and find out the appropriate video duplicate remover. In the upcoming section, with the application intro, you will also get the pros and cons to ponder properly. 

1. SysTools Duplicate File Finder

SysTools File Finder & Remover - the best duplicate video finder

“A Cutting-Edge Quest to Identify and Delete Duplicate Videos”

SysTools Duplicate Files Finder is the top pick as a renowned application for a duplicate video finder with its robust capabilities. Precisely, it works well in both MacOS and Windows. Proficient in identifying and eliminating similar video files from digital storage. This software not only has the fundamental scanning feature but also contains an array of customizable options. Hence, with this solution, you can simply entertain the benefits of managing and decluttering duplicates with ease and precision. 

Merits Demerits
Scans more than 100+ file types Free trial is limited
Recursive scanning option
Delete or Move feature
Seasonal Updates

Support Storage Devices: Hard Drive, External Disk, SSD, USB Drive, Micro Card, Memory Card, Camcorder, Digital Camera, Music Player, Video Player, CF/SD Card, and a lot more.

Pricing: 29.10$ for lifetime (One time investment)

2. 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter


Our second top-performing choice is the 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter. Here is the reason why – it has an intuitive interface that practically guides you through, allows you to preview before deleting, real-time reminders, and customizable search criteria. 

It utilizes the latest tech termed the best MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm to scan and erase duplicates with uncanny precision. You name the file type, he has it either videos, photos, documents, or any other. This application also incorporates several storage spaces such as SD cards, digital cameras, hard disks, USBs, and more. 


  • Swift and precise duplicate file scanning
  • Boost system performance by freeing up disk space
  • Regular updates for optimal functionality
  • Delete duplicates effortlessly, even on Google Drive


The free version removes only the first 15 duplicates.

Compatible System:

Windows, Mac, and Google Drive.



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3. Duplicate Video Finder Free

duplicate video finder

Duplicate Video Finder Free is one of the user-friendly solutions. This is an ideal software for videographer enthusiasts to manage vast video collections. Duplicate files mostly claim most of our PC space, this is where this tool comes into play to efficiently declutter, and reclaim storage. In addition, it works seamlessly to identify duplicate images, documents, audio, archives, etc. Besides this, this lightweight design occupies only a mere 23.5 MB of space. 


  • No scan pause button
  • No manual duplicate deletion
  • Not compatible with Mac and Windows 11


  • File name and location have no impact on duplicate search.
  • Automatically eliminates duplicate videos from search results.
  • Minimal impact on system resources.

Supports OS

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10



4. Duplicate Video Search

Duplicate video search

Duplicate Video Search is solely available for video file formats that use the video fingerprinting mechanism to find identical clips. With the basic features, it also accurately identifies similar footage even with renamed files or different formats. Moreover, this application uses a multi-threaded process to collect similar videos into respective groups. Besides this, it holds the capability to detect duplicates irrespective of the aspect, file format, quality, or scale.


  • Free version only previews duplicates.
  • Limited to finding video duplicates.
  • Last update in Aug 2021.
  • Not compatible with Mac.


  • Enhances accuracy through video content comparison.
  • Identifies low-quality, cropped, and converted videos.
  • Effortlessly manages duplicate files with one-click options.
  • Compatible with various video formats.

System Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11


$29.95 Lifetime

5. CCleaner


CCleaner is an advanced duplicate video finder that not only declutters unnecessary files but also enhances your computer’s overall efficiency. Equipped with a built-in duplicate file detector, this tool offers multiple benefits. It discerns duplicate files, such as videos, through comparisons of name, size, date modified, and content. Moreover, you can expedite the search process by specifying exceptions.


  • Real-time file filtering, strong security.
  • Clear startup app display.
  • Secure data deletion, space optimization.
  • Includes Windows registry cleaner.


  • Free version limitations.
  • Extra installations for added features.
  • Unclear duplicate file identification.
  • Mainly a PC cleaner, not a dedicated duplicate finder.

Compatible OS:

Windows 11 and earlier, Mac, and Android


$29.95 for 1 year/1 PC

Final Takeaway

If you are struggling to locate and remove duplicate videos, don’t worry, we have catered an effective solution i.e. duplicate video finder. In addition, the list is available in both free and paid versions. From the available options, our top pick is SysTools Duplicates Finder as a standout choice for the finest video duplicate finder. 

Even the application employs advanced tech to scan and remove duplicates with potent precision. Also, with regular updates, 24×7 customer assistance, and compatibility with various storage devices and operating systems.