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5 Best File Converter Software – Know More About Them for Better Solution

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Introduction: In this blog, you will learn about the best file converters tool offered by various organizations. These File converter software are a reliable solution to convert files from one format to another. These software will also help you out in accomplishing the task with 100% integrity and without having any file size limitation.

Top 5 Best File Converters

  1. SysTools Image Converter Tool
  2. 4n6 File Converter Software
  3. 4n6 Document Converter Software
  4. BitRecover Image File Converter Wizard
  5. PCVITA Image Converter Tool

1. SysTools Image Converter Software

SysTools image converter is the best file converter which has been trusted and recommended by all the experts to convert files from one format to another format. It helps users to convert selective items with 100% precision and integrity. This tool also offers users to create a single file for all the added images. It always preserves the image quality even after the completion of the conversion task. The software converts multiple files without having any limitations on file size.

Official Website Link: Best Image Converter Software

Salient Features of This Image Converter Software

  • Users can easily convert images to PDF, DOC, DOCX, TEXT, HTML, and other file formats.
  • This tool offers to create and save all images in a single doc and DOCX file
  • Users can also use the Move Up and Move Down options to arrange images as per their needs.
  • With this software, users can manage page size, and margin and also set page orientation.
  • Image converter to export of multiple images in bulk without even losing their quality.

Note: Free demo version of SysTools image converter tool allows users to export first 5 images. You can try this for free and check all features.

Steps to Use SysTools Image File Converter

You just need to follow below listed steps to convert image files without any limitation.

  • Step-1: Download Image File Converter Tool and Launch
  • Step-2: Choose Add File or Add Folder Option to Browse Image Files
  • Step-3: The tool will list all added images, you remove unwanted images.
  • Step-4: Choose one export option from list browse output path
  • Step-5: Visit to the browsed path and view output file after image conversion


2. 4n6 File Converter Software

This is an all-inclusive and reliable conversion solution for many file types. Email services, email clients, record files, and email files are all frequently converted using this software. For users having Windows operating systems, it is an all-in-one file converter. Software that converts files is able to batch convert a wide range of source file types to a wide range of file-saving formats.
There are no restrictions on the total number of files that can be handled in a single period.

Official Link of the Webpage: File Converter Tool for Windows

Features of File Converter Software

  • Converts Files in popular formats like PDF, TXT, DOC, ODT, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • The batch conversion option is also available to convert multiple files in a single go.
  • Multiple output file format has been supported by this software solution.
  • This application is Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and older versions as well.
  • Extract Options Available: Email Addresses, Attachments, and Phone Numbers without Limitation
  • Preview Modes Available: View Emails, Message Headers, Hex Value, Attachments, Properties, Etc.


3. 4n6 Document File Converter Software

Best file converter software by 4n6 is the easiest program to convert document files in bulk. There are no limitations to this tool. For all users, it is a simple, quick, and reliable option. On all of the most recent Windows OS platforms, this program works best for finishing the process. The file converter tool is also free for anyone to try out. Two document files can be converted with the aid of the demo version. More users will need to purchase the software’s licensed version.

Some Amazing Features of this Tool

  • It is a simple approach to converting document files in bulk mode
  • The application’s user interface is simple and interactive for users.
  • This software offers Windows users a completely accurate, simple, and error-free solution.
  • It was created using the best methods and advanced algorithms.
  • It also enables the conversion of certain document files into different file formats.


 4. BitRecover Image File Converter Tool

This Image file converter Software is a top-notch tool that can export Images of various file extensions in bulk, saving users’ time and energy. This best file converter has advanced settings that allow you to keep the finished photographs without compressing, rotating, resizing, adding a watermark, etc. In this program interface, the application provides two alternatives for uploading photos: select files or select folders. It is offline software that was specifically created with security considerations in mind.

Few Fascinating Features of this Tool

  • This tool enables the saving of photos in image file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, JFIF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, EMF, WMF, PSD, and others.
  • Convert only certain photographs from a folder containing several images.
  • It is an offline software to safely transform your images without posting them online.
  • This file converter preserves every aspect of the image, including the rotation and size.
  • The Best file converter works with a variety of picture forms, including portraits, diagrams, sketches, graphs, replicas, representations, paintings, stamping, shadows, reflections, and illustrations, among others.


5. PCVITA Image File Converter Software

This Image converter is one of the best file converters. This tool can rapidly and accurately solve the issue in a matter of seconds. It has a bundle of smart features that let users convert particular image files.

The original quality of the data is always preserved by this software, precisely as it was before the conversion procedure. Therefore, it is the best and most user-friendly tool, and advanced algorithms were also used to make the software.

Features of this Software

  • It is possible to save images in bulk while maintaining image quality.
  • With the help of this tool, users can create a single DOC, PDF, or DOCX file containing all of the images.
  • This software solution always keeps the image’s quality high.
  • The user has the ability to Move the Image Up and Down for Changing the Order.


Final Verdict

By keeping everything in the mind we have mentioned here the 5 best file converters for our users. These are the best software for both technical and non–technical users. Without losing any single data users can accomplish their tasks easily. Choose any of the above–mentioned file converter software which suits you the best.

So, we hope this post will help users in choosing the best image converter tool one and complete the task without any hassle.

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