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Top 5 SQL Recovery Tool For Users to Repair SQL Server Database

Alessia Manon ~ Modified: July 25th, 2023 ~ SQL Server ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Corruption or deletion of crucial SQL database files is a major fault. Therefore, users search for ways to get their files back in no time. Evidently, this blog is providing the Top 5 SQL Recovery Tools that users can take in use for the repair & recovery of their SQL Databases.

SQL Server database often consists of three files that are MDF, NDF & LDF. The most sensitive files are MDF & NDF as they store the primary & secondary data with schema & backup information. This is why these are the primary target of the potential threats as well. LDF file basically consists of the Log data file which is pretty much safeguarded. Now, to solve such an issue, we are mentioning the best 5 SQL Server recovery software available right now.

Users can then select any of these mentioned utilities as per their particular requirements and budget. Moreover, this blog also covers the comparison among these 5 solutions on seven parameters.

List of Top 5 SQL Server Recovery Tools Available

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Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best SQL Recovery Software

Here, we are going to understand the factors on which we are going to address these solutions. Here, we are mentioning the top 7 parameters. Also, after understanding all 5 solutions, we’re going to see a comparison of these 5 software based on these 7 parameters.

  • Performance – Performance is the first & most important parameter of these tools. The software should be working fine & in fact good enough to justify its cost. It is only valuable if it is solving the user query as expected.
  • Dashboard & UI – The more easy-to-use software, the better a user can operate it. Evidently, software dashboard & UI plays a major role in enhancing the user experience for the entire procedure.
  • Features – Features are what users must be looking for in these solutions. Otherwise, they could have chosen the risky & outdated manual method. The features of the tool define their potential.
  • Filters – Filters often help speed up the process & remove unwanted information. Users must check these SQL recovery tools for adequate filters.
  • Support – Find out if the organization provides support for their solution or not. Also, if yes, then for how many months?
  • Demo Version – It’s crucial for users to test the tool before they purchase it. For this, a demo version can help a lot. It even lets users test the features & other capabilities promised by the brand. 
  • Price – Last but not least, users must check out & compare the prices of all the software as well. This can help them understand if their pocket is allowing them for a particular solution or not.

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SysTools SQL Recovery Tool

sql recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery Tool is the most recommended solution by users, Microsoft MVPs, & experts. This solution is a perfect & balanced match as it covers almost all the advanced features that can help users recover their SQL Database. Moreover, it performs very well with advanced algorithms under a budget price segment. Users can trust this software if they want a steady & safe solution.

Key Features: 

  • Repair & Recover both MDF & NDF data files.
  • Offers Quick & Advanced Scan options for users.
  • Export data to a live database, CSV file, or script file.


  • Budget Friendly 
  • Easy Software Steps
  • Time Saving & Error Free
  • Interactive Dashboard & UI
  • Utmost Data Objects Security
  • Advanced Out-of-the-Box Features


  • Nothing So Far

Cost: $250/- For Life Time Licence with 1 Year Support & Updates

Best For:- Let it be Beginners, DBAs, or Experts, this solution suits perfectly for all users.

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PCVITA SQL Data Recovery Software

sql data recovery software

PCVITA solution is exactly the same as SysTools software. It is in fact a SysTools affiliate partner. However, there might be some minor changes in the additional services. The reason PCVITA made it to our list is the amazing user reviews. They are equally appreciated as SysTools & provide almost all the benefits that SysTools offer.

Key Features: 

  • Multiple Export options for the exported data.
  • Offers Two Scan Modes: Quick and Advanced
  • Supported for both NDF & MDF Data Recovery


  • Budget Friendly 
  • Step-by-step Solution
  • Quite Efficient & Effective
  • Safe & Secure Alternative
  • Modern-Day Advanced Features


  • Nil

Cost: $250/- For Life Time Licence with 1 Year Support & Updates

Best For:- Beginners, DBAs, Experts, etc.

BitRecover SQL File Recovery Software

SQL database recovery software

BitRecover is one of the growing brands when we talk about SQL recovery solutions. Out of all five SQL Server recovery tools available, it is undoubtedly the best & reliable for almost all types of users. Let’s go through the specifications to learn more.

Key Features: 

  • Various Data Filters
  • Damaged File Repair 
  • Multiple Export Options


  • Budget Friendly
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Time-Saving


  • Limitations in Demo Version

Cost: $250/- For Life Time Licence with 1 Year Support & Updates

Best For: This suits mostly for new users of SQL Server database.

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Stellar SQL Recovery Solution


Stellar is one renowned name in data backup. Also, it is performing well in data recovery also. Therefore, the fourth name we have is the Stellar SQL data recovery software. It is equipped with high tech features & smart algorithms to repair & recover the highly corrupted or deleted data from SQL Server.

Key Features: 

  • Complete Data Recovery Options
  • Multiple Export Options


  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Time-Saving


  • Limitations in Demo Version
  • Subscription Based – Only for 1 year

Cost: $300/- For 1 Year Licence Only

Best For: For users without any budget constraints.

Aryson SQL Server Recovery Software


Aryson Technologies is another growing name when we talk about SQL Server recovery tools. It does not offer any outstanding solution but it provides a tool that works decent. If users are okay with minimalistic features & basic UI, they can go with this one.

Key Features: 

  • Recover SQL Database Objects with Minor Corruption Issues
  • Perfectly Suits Students for Projects & Experiments


  • Cost-Efficient SQL Recovery


  • With Low Prices, there Are Almost No Features Available
  • Poor Dashboard & UI
  • Little Risk of Data Loss

Cost: $129/- For 1 Year Licence Only

Best For: For students & new users.

Comparison of All Five Solutions

SysTools PCVITA BitRecover Stellar Aryson
Performance Excellent Good Good Limited Limited
Free Trial Version Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interactive GUI
Features & Functions Advanced Features Advanced Features Moderate Features Basic Features No Features
Updates & Support For 1 Year For 1 Year For 1 Year For 1 Year For 1 Year
Price $250 $250 $250 $300 $129


Bringing It All Together

Finally, we can say we are done with the top 5 SQL recovery tools present in the market. Moving forward, users are well aware of the pros & cons of all the solutions. Also, based on their prices, they can select the right fit for themselves.