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Best 5 VCF Merger Tools to Combine Multiple vCard Files into One

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 6th, 2023
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If you are searching for the right VCF merger tool on the web, but not getting the befitting one. Don’t worry, in this write-up, we have curtailed your struggle for the never-ending trouble. Mainly, we are going to focus on the best 5 VCF merger tools. Also, from this list of 5, you can use your incredible assistant to merge .vcf files. Alternatively, it can be an effective solution to manually merge multiple vCard files into one contact file. 

Generally, VCF (vCard) files are used as a common format for storing contact details. Also, combining two or multiple files can be helpful to preserve the contacts. But besides the nerve-wracking manual method, using the VCF merge software can save time, accuracy, and consistency in your contact management workflow. 

Brief Compilation of the Top 5 VCF Merge Tools

1. SysTools VCF Merge Tool

All-in-one software to combine multiple VCF files into one vCard file. Also, Keep all contact details intact. Works on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and more. Supports vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. Easy and efficient! Editor’s preferred choice for the list of the best 5 VCF merger tools. 

2. Cigati VCF Split & Merge Tool:

A versatile tool for efficiently splitting a single VCF file and merging multiple vCards into one without any data loss. Further, It’s a one-stop solution for managing vCard files, without separate software downloads.

3. 4n6 Software vCard Merge Wizard:

Uniquely offer two modes to preview vCard i.e. Business & Raw vCard View. 

4. Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger:

The safest and most exclusive tool for splitting large vCard files into smaller ones and merging multiple VCF/vCard files into a single file.

5. Softtaken VCF Merge Tool:

It is a top-notch wizard that easily splits and combines vCard VCF files while preserving its integrity. Especially, designed to divide large VCF files into smaller ones and merge numerous vCard files into one. 

Our Criteria to Choose the Matchless Out of Best 5 VCF Merger Tools

We have a set of certain parameters mentioned in the following to handpick the top VCF merge tool. Subsequently, it would be helpful to the end users to utilize the suitable one as per their needs. 

  • Validate accuracy and precision in VCF merging.
  • Evaluate speed and efficiency for large VCF files.
  • Assess compatibility with various VCF versions.
  • Check customization options for merging criteria.
  • Verify error handling and message clarity.
  • Examine documentation and support resources.
  • Research user reviews and community feedback.
  • Evaluate batch merging capability.
  • Ensure metadata retention.
  • Confirm cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, etc.).
  • Check error reporting and logging robustness.
  • Monitor changes in merged VCF files.
  • Assess built-in quality checks for variants.
  • Evaluate scripting support in multiple languages.
  • Consider long-term support and stable releases.
  • Analyze cost vs. benefits.
  • Test handling of large datasets and concurrent processing.
  • Ensure output format compatibility (e.g., 2.1, 3.0, & 4.0).
  • Check for regular updates and maintenance.
  • Verify compatibility with diverse OS and architectures.
  • Address security, data protection, and privacy concerns.

Keeping the above parameters in mind, we are going to witness the best 5 VCF merger tools to combine multiple vCard files into one contact data. Besides this, it will be also helpful in adding information to your knowledge. 

1. SysTools vCard Merge Tool – A Real Game-Changer (Try Free Trial Today)

SysTools vCard Merge Tool

Top Pick: When it comes to merging two or multiple vCard files into a single file, the clear winner is SysTools.

SysTools VCF Merge tool stands out as the top-notch performer for managing and combining VCF contact files. Freedom to merge only the contacts you need, instead of the entire batch. Easy to operate. With all the comprehensive features, it checks all the aspects required by the user and surpasses its competitors. Moreover, this level of customization can be a valuable asset for users. 

Reasons Which Makes this Merge Tool Stands Different from the Crowd

Our vCard contacts merging tool lets you merge many VCF files into a single vCard file. After merging, you’ll have all your contacts from various VCF files in one place, making it simpler to manage. Considerable aspect of this software in the list of best 5 VCF merger tools. 

With this vCard Contacts merger, you can choose which contacts you want to merge, rather than merging all of them. Just click on the checkboxes next to the contacts you want to include.

Our Virtual Contacts File Merger Software ensures that all the information connected to your contacts remains unchanged even after merging VCF files. This information includes names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, images, descriptions, and more.

Our SysTools VCF Merge Tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008. It also allows you to easily merge VCF files into a single file for vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

Key Features:

  • Consolidates numerous virtual contact files into a single vCard effortlessly.
  • Empowers you to merge specific VCF contacts, giving you control over the process.
  • Seamlessly combines VCF files into one, offering various customization options.
  • Preserves all contact details impeccably in the resulting file.
  • Accommodates VCF files from diverse platforms without any problem.
  • Allows you to preview your VCF contacts before merging, ensuring accuracy.
  • Organizes VCF contacts based on their attributes for easy management.
  • Works with all vCard file versions, simplifying the contact file merging process.

Price: $19

Pros Cons

Supports VCF files from various platforms.

Paid Version has more advanced features.

Allows preview of VCF contacts.

Combines VCF files with customization.

Compatible with all vCard file versions.

Preserves contact information integrity

Download Now Purchase Now

2. Cigati VCF Split & Merge Tool – Innovation Breakthrough

Cigati VCF Split & Merge tool

“Top-class solution with indifferent features made it in Best 5 VCF merger tools

The Cigati VCF Split and Merge tool is a handy piece of software that lets you split one VCF file. And also, merge several VCF files effortlessly while keeping all the file details intact. VCF files, which hold contact information for people and businesses, are easily managed with this tool. The best part is, that you don’t have to hunt for separate software to split and merge these vCard files; it’s all in one place.

Fascinating Features:

  • You can split those big VCF files into smaller, more manageable ones. 
  • Merge several vCard files into a single one. 
  • You can add multiple files to this software for both splitting and merging tasks.
  • Create your own special place to save the output file.
  • No matter how big your VCF files are, this software can handle them. 
  • Our software works with all versions of VCF files, so you’re covered no matter which one you have.
  • Rest assured, this software is safe and secure for splitting and merging VCF files.
  • Whether you’re using Windows 7 or the latest versions, this software is compatible with your system.

Price: $39

Pros Cons

Include images and data for forensic use.

May require some technical expertise.

Merge vCard files of different versions.

Compatibility issues with certain vCard formats.

Maintains properties during merging.

Too Costly.

Two viewing modes for vCard previews.

3. 4n6 Software vCard Merge Wizard – A Sublime Catalyst

4n6 Software vCard Splitter tool

“In the list of top 5 VCF merger tools, this tool makes a trailblazing advancement”

This is one of the top-notch vCard merger applications that safely allows you to merge multiple vCard files into one. Also, this helps you merge vCard files from iCloud, Google Contacts, Outlook, Skype, GSuite, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Besides this, it can assist you in detaching email addresses, phone numbers, and contact images in TEXT type. 

Exciting Features in Question format:

  • Need to combine a bunch of vCard files into a single one for your convenience? No problem!
  • Merge vCard files of different versions (2.1, 3.0, 4.0) without any hassle.
  • Merging vCards? Include everything, even images, for forensic purposes.
  • Don’t want to merge all your Virtual Contact Files (VCF)? No worries, pick and choose which ones to merge based on your needs.
  • Searching for specific vCard files? Easily find them by date, name, or email.
  • When you merge multiple VCF files into one, rest assured that all the properties are retained.
  • This vCard Merge tool supports VCF files from various platforms.
  • Upgrading from an older vCard version to a newer one? It’s a breeze with this tool.
  • Want to see what you’re merging before you do it? Preview your VCF contacts with VCF File Merger.
  • View your vCards in two different ways: Business Card View or Raw vCard View, whichever suits you best.

Price: $29

Pros Cons

Capability to merge multiple vCard files

Limited advanced features in the paid version.

Can handle large VCF files efficiently.

Misselection of contacts may result in data loss.

Could lead to data loss if not handled properly.

Assurance of safety and security.

Comparatively expensive.

4. Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger – All in all Combo

Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger

“An impeccable utility to split and merge made into the list of best 5 VCF merger tools”

Aryson’s vCard Splitter & Merger Software is a super useful tool for handling vCard files. It is well known for doing two main things i.e. split large vCard files into smaller ones, and merge multiple vCard files into a single one. this software is super safe and won’t harm your computer. It’s made with sophisticated technology to ensure that your data’s integrity is maintained.

Prominent Features:

  • Split large vCard/VCF files into smaller ones easily.
  • Merge multiple VCF files into a single vCard effortlessly.
  • Add one or more vCard files with ease.
  • Conveniently add an entire folder of vCard files for splitting and merging.
  • Retains contact information integrity during the process.
  • Works seamlessly with vCard files from various platforms.
  • Try the free demo version to split or merge up to 15 vCard/VCF files.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

Price: $39

Pros Cons

Allows adding multiple vCard files.

Limited to 15 files in the free demo.

User-friendly interface.

Possibly expensive indeed

Combines VCF files with customization.

The free version offers fewer features.

Maintains contact information integrity 

5. Softtaken Merge VCF Tool – An Inclusive Program

Softtaken Merge VCF Tool

“Final performer in the list of best 5 VCF merger tools – An Assertive Solution

Softtaken VCF Merge Software is a reliable tool for splitting and merging VCF/vCard files while preserving contact data integrity. Merge multiple vCard files effortlessly into one without size restrictions or additional installations. Preview and combine VCF files with all contact details intact, including names, addresses, images, numbers, and descriptions. Compatible with various Windows editions, this user-friendly tool works with Skype, Whatsapp, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. Streamline VCF file merging in a few straightforward steps, even without technical expertise. Hold extensive features to come up in the list of top 5 VCF merge tools. 

Salient Features:

  • Merge multiple vCard files safely and instantly
  • Merge VCF folders at once with ease
  • Preview VCF contacts before merging
  • Preserve all contact details during merging
  • Suitable for home and corporate users
  • No need for extra app installation
  • Merge any number and size of VCF files
  • Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista compatible
  • Selective VCF contact merging made simple

Price: $29

Pros Cons

No additional app installation required

No mention of mobile platform support.

Instant and safe merging process.

Demo version may have limitations.

Preview of VCF contacts before merging.

May not support non-standard VCF formats.

Convenient and user-friendly solution.

More expensive.

End Note

After gaining the knowledge from this piece of content. Now, you must be confident enough to find the right solution from the best 5 VCF merger tools that befit your requirements. However, as per the preferred standards, to merge vCard files into one, SysTools VCF Merge Tools is the top choice. Further, with its comprehensive features, SysTools is a go-to solution for managing your vCard files.