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How to Export data from PDF Document? Best Techniques

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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Are you trying to search for solutions for this “Export Data from PDF”? Do you want to know multiple techniques to extract items from PDF files? Yes, then in this blog we are going to discuss the different ways to export data from PDF documents.

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  1. Use Professional Technique to Export Data from PDF
  2. Manually Extract Data from PDF
  3. Drawbacks of Manual Method
  4. Conclusion

Export Data from PDF Using Professional Approach

PDF Extractor Tool is the best to export data from PDF. This tool is safe and secure to use, users can easily export data from PDF using this software. The tool supports to export word document from PDF file. It also allows exporting excel files as well. It provides many advanced features for user convenience, which we will discuss later on. Let’s have a look at the working of the tool:-

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  • The first step is to install the PDF Extractor Software on your machine
  • Add the PDF files in the software panel by clicking on the “Add Files or Add Folder” button

  • Hit the “Change” option to find any desired location to save the exported files

  • Go to the “Remove or Remove All” button, to delete any file from the software panel

  • Under the “Item Type” section, select any option as per your needs

  • Here, apply the “Page Settings” option to sort the files

  • At last, hit the “Extract” button

  • Finally, this message will be displayed by the software “PDF files are extracted successfully”

Prominent Features of PDF Extractor Software

We are going to discuss the advanced features of this PDF Extractor Tool:-

  • Allows to export data from PDF in an individual and single folder
  • Users can save images from PDF files
  • The software supports to export all files from PDF document
  • The user gets different attachment filters to sort the data out
  • Using the “Apply page settings” option helps to filter out the information
  • Formatting of PDF files is always maintained
  • The tool is available for Mac OS and Windows OS
  • Supports to export selected data from restricted and password-protected files
  • A progress report is always generated by PDF Extractor tool

Manually Export Data from PDF File

Users can use the automated tool, but if you want to try the free methods then you can go through the next section. We will be mentioning all the manual methods. But, before starting with the process to export data from PDF, create a backup of all the data. Because manual process doesn’t give any guarantee to safely migrate your data.

Use Copy and Paste Method to Export Text from PDF

Go through the process once to extract data from PDF documents:-

  1. Firstly, go and open the folder in which you have saved the PDF file.
  2. Now, Select any PDF document from which you want to export data.
  3. Choose the text which you want to extract, and click on the “Ctrl + C” keys together to copy.
  4. Here, create a new text or document file and paste the data and save the file.

Use Adobe Photoshop Tool to Extract Images

You need to go through the steps mentioned below to extract data from PDF files:-

  1. Firstly, install the Adobe Photoshop software on your system.
  2. Open the PDF file using the Adobe Photoshop tool.
  3. After this, a pop-up screen will appear, which will display the PDF import dialog box.
  4. Here, you can select the pictures which you want to export from the PDF file.
  5. In the end, click on the “OK” option and store the final images at any specific location.

Export Attachments from PDF Using the Adobe Reader

Follow the steps given below to export data from PDF:-

  1. Download the Adobe Reader application.
  2. Using the Adobe Reader Tool, open the PDF file.
  3. Now, to view the attachments of the PDF file hit the “Attachment Icon”.
  4. Search and select specific attachments which you want.
  5. At last, hit the “Save” option and find a location to save the files.

Users can export data from PDF, using the above-mentioned manual techniques. But, these methods have some drawbacks which we are going to mention in the next segment.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

These are few limitations of the manual methods, which we are going to discuss:-

  • The manual approach is not safe and secure to extract data.
  • It is time-taking and consumes extra effort.
  • Users can’t export data from password-protected or restricted PDF files.
  • Does not allow the creation of individual PDFs for every specific image.
  • Users don’t get any filters to sort the data.

Wrapping Up

In this write-up, we have mentioned the different methods to export data from PDF. You can use the manual procedures to extract the items from PDF. But, as we mentioned it has some drawbacks. That’s why to overcome all those limitations we suggest our users to use the professional approach. Because it is the best way to export the data.