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Forgot PST Password of Outlook 2007 and Want to Change Protection

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Published On November 24th, 2023
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Remove PST Password

It is a normal thing that you forget your password, most people are not able to keep it in their minds. But there is no method other than a third-party tool to remove password from Outlook data files (.pst). Here you will see the best methods that can help you access data when you forgot PST password Outlook 2010. Also discussion about PST and OST files with POP and IMAP accounts present to enhance your knowledge. 

There are two news stories one is bad and another is good. The bad news is that the password protection of Outlook is not very strong. The good is that the file can be unlocked without a password when you forgot Outlook PST password. you can access your data from the PST data file.

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Outlook PST Data File

Outlook is an email client that stores emails, contacts, meetings, etc in PST file format. Suppose you are a user of Outlook 2013 and earlier then you only have the PST data file. Because these versions use PST file formats at POP and IMAP accounts. Then there is no issue. If you use Outlook 2016 and above versions then POP uses PST file format and IMAP uses OST file format to save data. Also the OST (Offline Storage Table) can not be password protected. 

Sometimes, you need to export data from one place to another like contact emails and other important things. Outlook PST data file can be used as backup or export data, but can not export OST file. If the file is password protected and you totally forget that. Then you need to use any automated tool to remove it when you forgot Outlook PST password.

Note:- There is only one request, please use these softwares to your personal use, not for illegal activities.

Remove Security When You Forgot PST Password to Access Data

Many Outlook users make their PST files password protected to secure the present data in it. Outlook data file (.pst) stores personal, business and financial information of users. In which the contacts, emails, tasks, calendar, events, meetings,etc. PST is also known as a personal folder which is present to take backup of your data. POP3, IMAP and  web based email accounts use this data file (.pst) of MS Outlook. 

Sometimes users forget the applied password which restricts them to access the data. We’re aware of the fact that using trusted third party tools in this situation is the only choice. So, from all Best PST Password Remover Software, you will see one of them which is given by SysTools. It is a very simple and powerful tool, users can use in multiple given languages as admin. This multi language admin user facility justifies, that it also can eliminate multilingual protection from data files when you forgot PST password Outlook 2013. 

Features and Advantages of SysTools PST Password Remover

  • Easy to Use:- It’s GUI is very simple by which a non tech background user also can use it easily.
  • Select Multiple Language:- User can select his own language as admin to use the software familiarly. 
  • Remove Lengthy Password:- There is no limitation for password. It also can change multilingual lengthy passwords. There is no effect of applied password language. Users can easily remove the forgot Outlook PST password.
  • Add Files in Bulk:- Users can add unlimited Outlook data files on which password is present. It will remove protection from all the files in one go.
  • Free to Use:- The Software can be used free only in the demo version. If it’s functionality is not good in the demo version. Then users can use its advanced version.

Steps to Use this Automated Tool

Step 1. Download the Tool.

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Step 2. Run this Software after Installation.

Step 3. Add secured Outlook PST data files.

Step 4. Add files or folders by searching, if the destination is forgotten.

Step 5. Click the ” Remove Password” button.

Note:- All these softwares are capable only to remove protection when you forgot PST password Outlook 2016. If anyone wants to change the password for an Outlook data file(.pst) then these tools will not help you. You need to use the manual solution to add password.

Manual Solution to Add Password to PST Data File

 This method is given by Outlook, that’s why we call it a manual solution. It is a safe method for your data purpose. It is easy because you are using MS Outlook, and familiar with the functionality of it.

Approach to Add Password Manually

Step 1. Run Outlook if you have it, otherwise run after downloading.

Step 2. Go to file option and open Account settings.

Step 3. Click the Data file option and add the unlocked PST file.

Step 4. Open Settings option and do not enter anything in the Old Password area.

Step 5. Confirm the password aftering it in the New Password area.

Step 6. Click OK and confirm the save password for the future to store it in Outlook.

Final Words

As per the requirement there is one method described to change protection when you forgot PST password. This is described from different best five PST Password Remover Softwares. Also the IMAP and POP account types are described with supported PST and OST files with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions. If anyone wants to apply protection again on a data file (.pst) then the manual method or approach is described.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I bypass a PST password?

Ans: These are the steps, follow them.

  1.  Do right click on the secured PST file.
  2. Choose Properties option in Outlook 2010 and upper version.
  3. Click on the Advanced button.
  4. Type the old password and keep the new password area empty.
  5. Press enter or click the OK button.

Q2. Is there free software to recover PST passwords?

Ans: The SysTools PST Password Remover is free to eliminate the forgotten data file password. But only the demo version is free. To take advantage of more features, you need to take a license of the advanced version.

Q3. How to Change the password of an Outlook Data File?

Ans: There is no method that can help you to remove the forgot PST password. Only the automated tools can help you to overcome this problem.The methods are already described. Users can use any approach from all the described.

Q4. Can I have multiple PST files in Outlook?

Ans: Yes, Outlook can store two or more PST data files. PST is an MS Outlook file format which stores important personal business and financial data. 

Q5. What is the maximum size of Outlook data file(.pst)?

Ans: PST can store maximum 50 GB data.