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How to Backup Files to Google Drive in Most Trusted Way?

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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Do you run any business or organization? Do you want to prevent your business data from any threat? If yes? Then read the blog & get the solution. As we know the risk to business data is almost everywhere. Any malware, ransomware or virus attack may lead to data loss. Therefore, to prevent company data from such threats it is better to backup files to any cloud storage like Google Drive. Therefore, here, in this write-up, we have discussed one simple solution which will let you know how to backup files to Google Drive. But, before heading towards the solution let’s know the benefits of taking the backup of PC data.

Advantages to Backup Computer Files to Google Drive

1- Enables Centralized data management

2- Data can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

3- Business data can be easily shared

4- Cloud data is safe as compared to local data

5- Backup all files to google drive will ultimately save local storage space

6- Provides data safety in any natural disaster occurrence

Best Way to Backup Files to Google Drive

Migrator tool for File System to Google Drive allows users to backup multiple files into google drive. With this utility migrate all folders containing any data to G Suite G Drive (My Drive or Shared Drive). Any type of files images, documents, .ppt, excel sheets, etc can be migrated. User doesn’t have to worry about the tool interface because it’s very simple and easy to use. With this software upload files from computer to google drive on any Windows OS.



Advances of Using this Software

1- Allows users to upload newly or modified data with delta migration feature

2- Gives 3 filter options for selective migration

a) Date Range – Created or Modified date

b) File Size – migrate file of the specific size

c) File Type – move specific file type

3- Backup files to Google Drive by maintaining metadata intact

4- Gives feature to move data from the mapped network drive

5- Users can also upload hidden files with this tool

6- Generates migration report containing details in CSV format

Steps to Upload All Files / Folders to Google Drive

Follow these simple steps to backup computer files to Google Drive:

1- Download and run the software on Windows Operating system
2- Click on the Settings button then click Google Project Settings
3- Add JSON file by clicking on the Browse button
4- Click on Activate New Domain & enter the activation code
5- Then, enter the Google Drive business account (email address)
6- Click on the Connect button
7- Choose the files & folders that you want to upload
8- Apply Date, File type & File size filter to migrate selected data
9- Choose the destination location as My Drive or Shared Drive
10- Click on the Start button and begin the migration process

Is there any Manual Solution to Backup Files to Google Drive?

Yes, one of the manual methods for carrying out this process is Google Drive Backup and Sync tool. With this software, users can easily backup computer files to google drive but it has some drawbacks such as:

1- Monthy subscription plans are there to use this tool

2- High-speed internet connection is required

3- Any changes made in the local file will automatically reflect the file in the cloud

4- Can’t use the same application on multiple PCs

5- Consumes hard drive space

Frequently Asked Queries

Is it possible to upload the mapped network drive data to Google Drive?

Yes, the software gives the facility to move mapped network drive data to the G Drive account.

How can we backup hidden files to Google Drive?

This software is capable enough to migrate hidden files also.

What all data is included in the migration report?

The migration report contains certain information like success count, source file path, fail count.

Will there be any folder hierarchy maintenance issues?

No, this software carries out the migration process by maintaining the folder hierarchy and integrity.


If you want to prevent yourself from losing your business data then taking its backup will be the best solution. As we know data is irreplaceable it can be any business document, photos, videos, reports or anything, data is crucial. It is important to backup files to Google Drive because in case of any disaster there will be a duplicate copy of these files available to you. So, by considering all these things we come up with this write-up and presented the best solution which can easily upload files from computer to google drive.