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How to Import OLM to Outlook With Complete Information?

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Having problems finding a solution to Import OLM to Outlook? If that is your concern, then do not worry in this blog we will discuss the methods in complete detail. So, stay tuned with us till then.

This is due to the fact that the OLM file is a database file produced by the Mac Outlook software and is not compatible with Windows.

It’s also not possible to import it straight into Outlook for Windows. Microsoft created two alternative email systems for Windows and Mac with identical names, but they allow very different file types. OLM is an application that stores emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes.

There are two ways by which you can migrate your OLM files on Windows OS. One by a Manual Method and the Second by a Professional Solution.

Both methods will allow you to access your OLM data file in your system. Let’s discuss the manual approach to importing OLM files on Windows Outlook.

What is the Procedure to Import OLM to Outlook Instantly?

Here we are going to discuss the manual and automated approaches to transfer their Mac Outlook emails to Windows Outlook. In order to complete this process, follow the mentioned instructions carefully.

The manual method to open the OLM data file to windows is by using the IMAP server.

Methods to Migrate Mac OLM Files to Outlook

The IMAP server is utilized as a server between Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook in this way. It operates in the same way as using storage devices between two computers does. The ability to accept distant files is the primary reason for using the IMAP server.

Users can Import OLM to Outlook by following these steps:-

Step 1. Create a Gmail Account

For this, you need to create a Gmail account, skip this step if you already have one. Simply follow step 2 to import OLM to Outlook.

Step 2. Configure your Outlook on Mac With Gmail

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook for Mac on your machine and select Tools and then choose the Accounts option.
  2. From the account Window, hit on the + button that is available on the left side of the add a new account.
  3. Afterward, choose the mail address lane and then enter all the credentials such as id, password, and user name for the Gmail account.
  4. Then, you can select the incoming server; Imap.gmail.com, and then select the choose SSL to connect button.
  5. Now, enter the SMTP.Gmail.Com as the Outgoing server, and next choose both of the options from the outgoing server.
  6. It is now time to type in your Outgoing Port as Port no. 465 and hit on the Add account tab later on.
  7. A yellow button will now pop up on your screen that is displaying that a connection has been made. Also, it turns green when the password is typed in correctly and you have successfully made a connection.

Step 3. Export Data From Mac Outlook to Gmail Account

  1. To begin, Right-Click on the mailbox folder that you wish to export and hit on the Copy button.
  2. Make sure to choose the destination folder in the Gmail mail account.
  3. The search bar that is present at the bottom of the screen indicates that the messages are uploaded one by one.
  4. Once you are done with that, it is now time to Refresh your Gmail Account.

Import OLM to Outlook – Continue With Final Steps

Now, let’s move ahead with the final steps.

Step 4. Configure your Gmail with MS Outlook

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook and opt for the File and then choose the Info option and select the Account Settings option.
  2. Click on the new tab from the recently opened window.
  3. Make sure to check the additional server type and then check the Internet E-Mail.
  4. Now, enter your credentials such as email address, password, and then the username.
  5. Navigate to the Account Type menu and select IMAP account as your account type.
  6. Choose Imap.gmail.com as your incoming and smtp.gmail.com as your outgoing server respectively.
  7. Hit on the More settings tab and choose the Outgoing server requires authentication tab.
  8. From the advanced tab, make sure to enter your incoming server port as 993.
  9. Choose SSL as your encryption type.
  10. After that, enter your Outgoing server port as 465 and click on the OK tab.
  11. Lastly, select the test account settings tab and then hit on the Finish button.

Step 5. Export Mailboxes From Microsoft Outlook to Gmail

  1. First of all, sign in to the Gmail account and choose the settings icon.
  2. Then, choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP options.
  3. From the IMAP Access, Select the Enable IMAP option.
  4. Make sure to enable the Archive option, if you want to archive your messages.
  5. Hit on the Save Change button Launch Microsoft Outlook and then select Send/Receive message.

By using this specific option, you can easily access your Outlook for Mac emails to Windows Outlook.

But, wait there is more to that.

Do you know that using manual procedures should be avoided for a variety of reasons:

Because the method is lengthy, the user may opt to skip some steps. If a file becomes corrupt and is deleted during exporting or importing, the user’s data may be lost.

Using this manual method does not ensure that the data is sent safely. It does not promise any specific results when it is completed.

The entire method is time-consuming, confusing, and difficult to complete. Users must have the technical knowledge to finish the manual technique.

Here Try Out the Best Way to Import OLM to Outlook

As explained earlier, the manual method does have some limitations. To avoid any loss or corruption it is best to opt for the automated solution.

There is no shortage of third-party solutions when it comes to migrating OLM emails to Outlook. In order to limit your time, we are suggesting a blog that has a complete list of the Best OLM to PST Converter Software that will save you time and you can easily compare the software and choose the best one for yourself.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have discussed different ways to Import OLM to Outlook.

As we all know, there are two ways to import the OLM file into Outlook for Windows. Either, Manually or Professionally. As a result, you’ll require an automated tool to do it without difficulty.

As we know, the manual method is time-consuming and has a high chance of data loss. That is why we have suggested a blog that will help you find suitable software according to your needs.

So, what are your waiting for? Go ahead and Read the blog for complete information.