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Lotus Notes Email Migration to Outlook 2013 – Solution Suggested

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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In comparison to home users, most of the organizational users; and even organizations prefer the solution of Lotus Notes Email Migration to Outlook 2013. Migration of the email data from one environment to another has never been easy. This cumbersome task, if carried out without taking necessary precautions; may then lead to a very heavy loss of data.

Reasons for Preferring Microsoft Outlook 2013 over Lotus Notes

Controversy or no controversy, experts have outlined certain factors that clearly show how Outlook supersedes Lotus Notes email client.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: – One of the major reasons why technocrats are switching to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013 is the cost effectiveness of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook comes by default, in built in Microsoft Office suite. Thus, users need not have to pay extra bucks for the same. In comparison to this, to get Lotus Notes users are required to pay separately. Also, unlike Outlook, Lotus Notes does not come in any package providing other helpful solutions.
  2. User – Friendly Interface: – According to a survey lead by the team Data Forensics, most of the technocrats are of the opinion that the user interface of Outlook is much better in comparison to that of Lotus Notes. The highly complex structure of Lotus Notes often proves to be a disadvantage for its users.
  3. Login Efficiency: – One of the major reasons that forces users to go for Outlook is the login efficiency of both the applications. Outlook is preferred over Lotus Notes as it allows users to manage multiple accounts at the same place where as, in Lotus Notes, the techies are required to login separately for each account.
  4. Backup: – Managing and maintaining backup of Outlook Data file is easier and simpler in comparison to that of Lotus Notes email repository.

The above-mentioned reasons can be considered as some of the factors that drive users towards Outlook from Lotus Notes. Now the most important question that arises is how to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013? Is there any inbuilt solution available in Lotus Notes or Outlook or the user is required to make use of some Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013 Migration tool?

The expert analysis and surveys have shown that the best option to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013 is to go for a forensically sound solution.

Solution Suggested

MailPRO+ – A Tool for Lotus Notes Email Migration to Outlook

lotus notes email migration to outlook

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So far, the software has shown very remarkable results when it came to migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.

Some of the peculiar features embedded in the software that make it users’ first choice are listed below: –

  1. Custodian Management: – The software with full ease of usability allows the users to manage complete actions related to their migration via creation of case collection; thus, facilitating the user to get the task done in a managed way.
  2. Automated Search: – The software has been dedicatedly designed for Lotus Notes email migration to Outlook 2013. After launching the software, users are not required to browse the respective Lotus Notes database file. Instead the software, by itself auto locates the file.
  3. Detailed Export Report: – A complete well-defined report is provided by the software in CSV file format.
  4. Data integrity Maintained: – The software being free from any kind of virus or malware, guarantees complete migration and allows you to easily migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013 without any data loss.

With its ever-increasing popularity, it is suggested that users must give the software Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration tool, a try for sure.