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Open Password Protected PST File [Solved]

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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open password protected pst

Looking for a solution on how to open password protected PST files it’s time to cheer. In this blog, you will get to know the simpler methods to solve your query. Nowadays, all people are aware of the privacy concept. So, the password is the crucial thing that everyone is taking care of. You can protect the PST file also. PST files are associated with Outlook. It stores the outlook data like Emails, Notes, Tasks, Calendars, and Contacts. PST file becomes more extensive over time.

It’s a better approach to protecting PST files. After using the password only authorized users have the right to open the file. Else, no one can open the password-protected file. If somebody tries to open, it will show the wrong password error. Remembering the passwords sometimes becomes a tedious task. There is also a scenario when you will forget the password. And the password window is coming repeatedly, which frustrates you. If you come to know how to open password-protected PST files then, this is the right place. Now see what will be different approaches to opening password-protected PST files. To open a password-protected file, you can go with different approaches. One is manual and another is professional.

Want to Open Password Protected PST File Manually?

Outlook is in many versions in the market now. As you know till Outlook 2003 there is ANSI PST file was used and after that, it UNICODE PST file is using. If your Outlook version is 2003 or earlier, then you can go with the pst19upg.exe file. You have to follow some steps:-

  • Open the scanpst.exe file and click on the Browse button to select the password-protected file.
  • Click on Start to Repair
  • Tick on Make a backup of scanned file before repairing then press Ok.
  • Copy and Paste the path of the PST file in the command prompt. A duplicate copy is created.
  • Rename the file as ld PST file.
  • Next type pst19upg.exe-filname and press enter.
  • A new PST file is created without a password.
  • Now repair the file and import the new PST file in Outlook.

If your Outlook version is after 2003 then you can do it manually using some inbuilt options in Outlook. You have to follow some steps:-

  • Open Outlook click on File.


  • Choose Account settings.



  • Select the Data file.


  • Click on the PST file which is password protected..
  • Tap on Settings.


  • Click on change password.


  • Choose the new password and verify it and then ok.


Opening password-protected files using manual methods is a tough task. It also requires so much technical knowledge. This way is only applicable for Outlook 2003 and previous versions only. What if you are not so much good at technical what you can do? Here is the solution for that, you can opt for another way to open a password-protected PST file.

Open Password Protected PST File in a Professional Way

The best way to open a Password protected PST file is by using SysTools PST Password Remover. This is a professional approach. It doesn’t need any technical expertise to operate it. You can open any number of PST files. There is no need to use Outlook installation. You can recover any PST file either ANSI or UNICODE. It is supported by all versions of Outlook. You can also take a look at best PST password remover software. You can open a Password Protected file in some easy steps:-

  • Download and run the software.


  • After it opens, you can add single or multiple files using ADD Files or ADD Folder.
  • If don’t know about the location then use the Search filter also.



  • If you add the wrong files, you can choose Remove File to remove a particular file,
  • And Remove All to remove multiple files.


  • Click on Generate Report to generate a CSV report.


  • Click on Remove Password.
  • Then a pop comes “Create Backup before removing password.” choose Yes.


  • After the process completes press ok. And the lock icon change to Unlock icon.




Using passwords on private files is common nowadays. This is also a good approach to keep your data safe and secure. But there is a common problem to forget the password. As per the above discussion, if you want to open password protected file. You can use it anyway as per your requirement. It can either be manual or professional. Using the manual method you can see how many complications can be occurred. But by using the tool you can avoid those complications and easily able to open password protected PST file.