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How to Perform PST to Office 365 Migration In 5 Simple Steps?

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

This is the complete onboarding task for Outlook users to easily perform PST to Office 365 migration for multiple user accounts. This Guide will help in tackling all those hurdles commonly faced by organization Admin while importing PST file to Office 365. You will learn about the most advanced utility that overcomes all the complexities offer by standard Import Service and execute the task within 5 Steps.

Before beginning with any solution, there are things you might need to check:

  • The PST file shouldn’t be corrupted. If the PST file is corrupted then get another PST file or repair it with PST Repair tool.
  • All PST files should be of Outlook 2003 or above.
  • All destination user account should already be created prior to the migration.

Possible Ways For PST to Office 365 Migration

If you have searched/asked about PST to Office 365 migration, then you have come across Network Upload (Import Service). However, people suggesting you these methods will never ask you for your experience on Office 365 Admin panel. An organization who shifting from Outlook or other email clients probably to Office 365 cloud, may not be familiar with its working. Rather than hiring a person for such a task, its better to take the help of an automated tool that is available in market, such as SysTools Office 365 import tool.

We have tested and used many applications to import PST to Office 365 user accounts, and we have picked SysTools as it provided better output and it’s quite easy to handle.

How to Import PST to Office 365 Via SysTools Software

SysTools Office 365 Import tool is an advanced utility with the facility of importing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks from PST file. This utility is capable of migrating multiple PST files into multiple Office 365 accounts in a single go. An Office 365 user or Admin can login into the tool, import the PST file path, and export it into the user mailbox is just 5 clicks.

Apart from just PST from Office 365 migration into the user mailbox, this utility can import PST to Office 365 shared mailboxes also. To save time & space, the utility provides date-range, and additional filters to include/exclude folders or mailboxes from PST file during the migration process.

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Exceptional Features Offered by Automated Tool

Dual-Login Option: The tool provides Dual login options: Admin or User. When login via Admin account, one can import PST files into multiple user accounts without the need of a user account password. And, it will also allow to perform the migration of pst file into shared mailbox of Office 365.
Whereas, user login requires a user account password for migration and won’t allow performing a migration to a shared mailbox.

Unique Filter Options: The most vibrant and feature-rich functionality provided by the automated tool is its unique filter options, such as Category, Date-Range, and Advance filters.

  • Category Filter: This filter provides the option to select or deselect the emails, contacts, calendars and tasks of a PST file. You can use this option to import a particular category of items from PST file into Office 365 account.
  • Date-Range Filter: To import data of a particular date range, this filter can be used. Select the start date and end date of each category of data migrating from PST file.
  • Additional Filters: These filters are available to Include/Exclude a mailbox of PST files. Once, can use this filter option to Include/Exclude a normal mailbox or Sent/Deleted Items.

Incremental Import: This option allows to skip already imported data from a PST file and only transfer new items. Once the migration is completed, this option allows to migrate items that had been skipped to migrate in the previous attempt.

Steps to perform PST to Office 365 Migration are:

1. First, Download the Office 365 Importer from the below button and install it.

Download Tool

2. Next, login into the tool via Admin or User Account.

3. Import the PST files using “Add File(s) / Folder” option & manually enter the user account Ids for mapping.

pst to Office 365 migration

Tips: User Add CSV option to import PST file path & map user account.

4. From next window, select the items that need to be imported from PST file & set a date-range filter for selective data migration.

import pst to Office 365

5. User Additional filters to include/exclude items and finally click on the “Import” button to begin the migration process.

Note: During the PST to Office 365 migration, the tool preview the live status. And, once the process is complete, you can click on Save Report button to download a migration report on your PC.


This above guide can be used by Outlook or other email client users to perform PST to Office 365 migration. We have explained the issues faced by new Office 365 users while using Network Upload and the best-automated tool to overcome it. Try the SysTools Office 365 Importer today and easily import PST files into Office 365 account.