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Top 5 VCF Splitter Tools in Both Free & Paid Versions

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 5th, 2023
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In the era of the expanding digital landscape, the task of managing contacts has become both crucial and daunting. In such a scenario of strenuous workflow, relying on one of the best top 5 VCF splitter tools can simplify your contact organization efforts. 

The most suitable way to share your contact information is by .vcf files. Also, they serve as digital business cards containing crucial data such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, when the digital address books start filling up. At the same time, managing these vCard files can become difficult. This is where VCF splitter tools step in. Especially, it holds the potential to split VCF file to multiple contacts.

From this article, we are going to explore the top 5 VCF splitter tools available in both free and paid versions. Additionally, we’ll walk through each unique feature and the benefits of each specialized solution. 

Shortlist of the Best 5 VCF Splitter Tool

  1. SysTools VCF Splitter Software:
    Easily split vCard files into individual VCF contacts on Windows. Selective splitting, version-specific export (2.1, 3.0, 4.0), and full contact info retention. Choose Horizontal or Vertical views and use dual modes for adding files or folders. Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Win Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008 compatible. Editor choice in the list of top 5 VCF Splitter tools.
  2. CubexSoft vCard Splitter:
    Efficiently divides VCF files, maintaining data integrity, perfect for contact management.
  3. Softaken Split VCF Software:
    VCard files work with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, and more. The license offers unlimited support and maintains the original structure.
  4. 4n6 Software vCard Splitter Tool:
    The vCard Splitter Tool securely splits vCard files into different versions (2.1, 3.0, 4.0). It’s a Windows program compatible with all OS versions, featuring advanced search and a vCard Viewer for easy contact management.
  5. Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger:
    It is a secure and efficient tool for splitting large vCard files into smaller ones and merging multiple VCF/vCard files into a single file. It’s virus-free and maintains data integrity during the process.

Our Selection Parameters for the List of Top 5 VCF Splitter Tools

Our methodology precisely focuses on the market of best vCard splitter software where our team of experts meticulously examine the products based on the following criteria:

  • Speed and efficiency in splitting VCF files.
  • Precise splitting without any data loss or errors.
  • Evaluating the tool’s ease of use and interface.
  • Checking similarity with different VCF file formats.
  • Additional functionalities like filtering options.
  • Ability to handle large VCF files without performance issues.
  • Various operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.) support.
  • Capability to split multiple VCF files concurrently.
  • Offering options for users to define splitting criteria.
  • Supports vCard files from various sources like iCloud, Lotus Notes, and more.
  • Supporting various output formats like 2.1, 3.0, & 4.0 for split VCF files.
  • Considering the tool’s price or licensing model.
  • Frequency of updates and ongoing support.
  • Data privacy and protection during splitting.
  • Evaluating user reviews and expert recommendations.

Considering this set of criteria, we will discuss vCard splitter tools to split VCF into multiple contact files with all the attachments, photos, emails, and others intact. 

1. SysTools vCard Splitter – The Master Piece (Free Trial Available)

SysTools vCard Splitter

Editor’s Choice: SysTools is the most apt pick for Splitting vCard to multiple files. 

SysTools VCF Splitter is available in both free and paid versions making it the primary choice for the users. As the most efficient, versatile, and user-friendly tool available, it enables users to effortlessly import multiple VCF files into their Outlook account. Side by side, it also offers compatibility with various VCF format versions.

Rewarding Features:

  • Split vCard files into separate VCF files.
  • Selectively extract contacts and convert them to vCard format.
  • Export VCF files to vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 formats.
  • Preview VCF contacts with their associated fields.
  • Compatible with vCard files from various platforms.
  • Organize .vcf files or contacts based on attributes.
  • Works with all vCard versions (2.1, 3.0, and 4.0).
  • Preserves contact information during splitting.

Why this Tool is Zenith on the List of Top 5 VCF Splitter Tools?

The VCF Splitter Software offers users the ability to divide a complete vCard file into individual VCF contact files. Consequently, each individual contact within all available vCard files will effortlessly transform into corresponding VCF files. This tool proves to be the best choice for splitting VCF files on various Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, as well as Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008 versions.

Furthermore, by employing the SysTools vCard VCF Cutter Tool, you can export individual VCF contacts based on specific versions. Users have the flexibility to opt for vCard 2.1 (ideal for mobile and desktop applications), vCard 3.0 (suited for webmail servers), or vCard 4.0 (perfect for cloud servers) versions, depending on their preferences.

Notably, the SysTools VCF Splitter Software offers users the ability to preview and retain all vCard contact information, including Name, Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Images, Office Address, Home Address, Fax, and Description, even after the vCard splitting process has been completed.

Upon inserting vCard contact file(s) into the software panel, users can easily switch between views, either horizontally or vertically, based on their preferences. The tool provides a preview of the available information, encompassing Name, Nickname, Birth Date, Spouse, Anniversary, Profile Picture, Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Job Title, Member, UID, Website, and Social Profiles.

Lastly, the SysTools VCF File Splitter Software offers two convenient methods for uploading vCard VCF contacts: ‘Add File‘ or ‘Add Folder.’ This utility thoughtfully maintains the original folder structure while importing contact file data from the vCard file.

Price: $19

Pros Cons
Organized contacts management. Paid Version includes a lot of features.
Compatibility with different vCard versions.
Accommodates vCard files from various sources.
Preserves all contact details during splitting.
Enables a quick overview of contact details.

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2. CubexSoft vCard Splitter – An Absolute Alternative

CubexSoft vCard Splitter

“The second contender among the top 5 VCF splitter tools.”

The CubexSoft VCF Split tool is a noteworthy choice for dividing VCF files, whether they’re single or multiple while preserving the data. VCF files store contact information. Experts designed this tool using an excellent algorithm for splitting vCard files. It can break down larger vCard files into smaller ones without harming the data inside.

Exciting Features

  • Easily split a vCard File into multiple VCF Files.
  • Choose specific contacts and split them into the vCard file format.
  • Split VCF files into different vCard versions, such as 2.1 and 3.0.
  • Conveniently add either a single or multiple VCF files at once.
  • Quickly separate your vCard contacts into individual files with the fastest method available.
  • Anyone can use the vCard VCF Splitter thanks to its user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Ensure the safety and security of your data while splitting vCard files.
  • Customize the option to split large vCard VCF files into multiple VCF files with varying numbers of contacts.
  • Compatible with vCard files created on various platforms.
  • Works seamlessly on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11.


  1. Split by each Contact: Extract individual contacts from a vCard file, preserving data.
  2. Split by number of Contacts: Split vCard into multiple files with equal contact counts.
  3. Split by Keyword: Efficiently extract vCard contacts with specific keywords.

Price: $39

Pros Cons
Efficient organization of contacts. Limited advanced features for power users.
Allows customization in selecting specific contacts.  Misselection of contacts may result in data loss.
Compatibility with different vCard formats. Potential loss of data if not done carefully.
Too Expensive.
Data integrity is maintained.

3. Softaken Split VCF Software – A Potent Solution

Softaken Split VCF Software

“Applause to 3rd performer who made it to the list of top 5 VCF splitter tools”

This software can easily split VCF files, no matter how big your file is. Also, irrespective of the platform they are from. Thus, it can easily take one big vCard and split it into multiple smaller ones. Besides this, this software works well with various email and device apps like Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, iCloud, and more. As a result, users love it because it’s the safest way to split VCF files, keeping all your contact info intact. 

Lucrative Features:

  • Split one VCF file at a time, no matter how large it is.
  • Choose specific contacts you want to split into vCard format.
  • Decide whether to split VCF files into multiple individual contacts.
  • Get a clear preview of your VCF contact information.
  • Easily scan and split VCF files, regardless of the platform they were created on.
  • Sort your .vcf files or contacts based on various attributes.
  • Use an advanced application that supports all vCard versions.
  • Ensure the app is fully secure for both personal and commercial use.


  • Accuracy in handling multiple levels. No data is modified during splitting.
  • A preview of contact details is provided.
  • Doesn’t require any technical assistance. 

Price: $29

Pros Cons
Allows for efficient handling of large VCF files. May require additional time for reviewing data.
Avoids unnecessary conversions. Compatibility may lead to occasional formatting issues.
Ensures accuracy before splitting or converting. Requires manual selection, which can be time-consuming for large contact lists.
Comparatively Expensive.

4. 4n6 Software vCard Splitter Tool – All-in-one Package

4n6 Software vCard Splitter tool

“Switch to a smarter way to split vCard file into individual contact files”

Last 2nd in the list of top 5 VCF splitter software: An all-in-one solution for splitting and converting vCard contact files. Now, simply extract specific details like phone numbers, email addresses, and contact photos with just a single click. 

Engrossing Features

  • Easily split multiple vCard files into individual VCFs on Windows.
  • Supports all vCard versions: 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • Selectively split VCFs into multiple contacts as needed.
  • Keep all contacts together after splitting VCF files.
  • Split VCF files/folders with images and contact info.
  • Search by Date, Name, Email, and more to split vCard contacts.
  • Preview VCF contacts before splitting.
  • Analyze vCards in Business Card or Raw vCard view.
  • Works with vCard files from any supported platform.


  1. A thoroughly tested VCF Splitter App.
  2. No file size limits for vCard splitting.
  3. User-friendly GUI in the vCard Splitter Tool.

Price: $29

Pros Cons
Selectively split VCFs into multiple. Complexity may be a barrier for some users.
Preview VCF contacts before splitting.  Limited advanced contact management features. 
Keep all contacts together. Privacy and security concerns may arise.
Fairly Expensive.

5. Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger – An Exclusive Utility

Aryson vCard Splitter & Merger

“A profound beginning to split VCF file into multiple vCard contacts

Aryson’s vCard Splitter & Merger Software makes sure that your data remains safe and intact. Further, it leaves a premier and risk-free to split a large vCard file into multiple files. And also, combine multiple vCard files into one. Additionally, it’s free from viruses. It employs advanced technology to safeguard your data integrity during the splitting and merging process. Our last winner in the list of top 5 VCF splitter tools. 

Distinctive Features:

  • Split large vCard/VCF files into smaller ones.
  • Merge single or multiple vCard files into one.
  • Add single or multiple vCard files easily.
  • Handle folders of vCard files for splitting and merging.
  • Preserve contact information during splitting and merging.
  • Support vCard files from various platforms.
  • Free demo version for up to 15 vCard/VCF files.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

Price: $39

Pros Cons
Efficiently split large vCard/VCF files into smaller ones. Limited free version supports only up to 15 files.
Easy addition of single or multiple vCard files. The user interface may not be user-friendly for some users.
Demo version available for testing. Lack of advanced features for power users.
Indeed Expensive.


After going through the write-up, you must be aware of the top 5 VCF splitter tools. Further, in the list of merits, SysTools vCard splitter excels. Whether it is a matter of functionality, ease of use, or compatibility, SysTools is the best alternative. Also, with a reasonable price of $19, it is a go-to solution for VCF file management.