Backup Yahoo Email Folders For Yahoo Forensics

Alessia Manon | Published: October 14, 2015 | Email Forensics

Since the technology has marked remarkable changes, so as the approach of the people. With the emergence of web-based email clients and desktop clients, communication has taken a different drive. People share documents, files, images etc. through these mail clients since conversation takes place within seconds. You may have come across many web-based clients such as, Yahoo, Gmail etc. Though these clients are meant for delivery purposes, now-a-days it is been misused for criminal activities. Web-based email clients adds an aid for criminal works, for example; victim may get emails of blackmailing, communication between the suspects sometimes takes place through emails and much more. Because of these, an investigator first observes the emails of the suspects, if any. In other words, it is said that investigation is incomplete without a random check over the emails.

This session details to you about Yahoo mail client, how evidence collection is carried out. The session also describes how to backup Yahoo email folders to perform Yahoo forensics.

Where to Find Evidence?

While surfing through the browsers, remember that all the details will be stored in some locations. An investigator can find the pages through which the suspects have gone from the history, cache as well as from cookies. Each browser has its own storage folders, where you will find all the search files. Moreover, the point to be noted is that, the location differs for different Operating Systems. A trained forensic agent can dig it out easily.

In similar way, investigator can dig out evidence from the email clients. Since we are talking about Yahoo mail client, let’s check out from where an investigator gets the hint for the solving the cases.

Checking email header is the main way to get the evidence. The fields in the header portion will help the investigator to know about the sender, receiver, the path from where the mail came, whether the mail is original or not and much more.

Backup Yahoo Email Folders

How to View Header – Yahoo Forensics?

In-order to view the header part of the email, select the email and then go for the ‘View Full Header’ option from the ‘More’ menu seen on the top.

The header contains bunch of information such as;

  • Return path- the path to which the mail should be send, if it is not delivered.
  • Message ID- each mails will have a unique ID
  • Content type- describes whether the field contains any multimedia messages or not
  • It even contains subject, from, delivered–to, DKIM Signature etc.

To investigate the suspect’s mail, investigator should have the email address and will have to login to it for searching. However, continuous login and out is tedious since it will consume more time. Above all the checking on emails also depends on the network. So, if the network is poor, investigation gets blocked. If the time left out for closing the investigation is less then, it’s better to take the backup of the emails. If all the mails are saved separately investigation speed can be increased. Backup of emails eases the work of forensics.

How can the backup be done? How to save all the emails? How will the backup of Yahoo email folders aids to an easy Yahoo forensics? One can save the emails one by one and take attachments to the system along but, the task is bit lengthy. Saving the mails one by one takes time since it may not be one mail in the Inbox. If backup is taken, it becomes easier for working with the mails. Backup is recommended for easy investigation and can be done with the help of third party.

Backup Yahoo Email Folders With Yahoo Backup Tool

Backing up of the bulk Yahoo mails is now possible with Yahoo forensics software. With the tool, investigator can backup the Inbox mails, sent mails, chats, trash etc. along with the attachments to any of the file format such as, PST, EML, MBOX and MSG. Later, the agent can take it to any supportive desktop clients and search.

Backup Yahoo Email Folders

Download Now

The tool even enables the user to delete all the mails from the server once if it is downloaded, if needed. Apart from that, users can specify the time intervals for the downloading.         

Yahoo Forensics

The users get the choice to filter the contents to be downloaded. For that, you will have to check the appropriate items. Once when the downloading is done it becomes easier for the transferring of the mails to the colleague investigator.

Email investigation has become important now since many communications are been carried out with its help. If you take any one criminal case, email contribution will be seen. Yahoo forensics tool allows experts to backup Yahoo email folders for investigation. Investigators can share the mails with one another easily and can even store in their local storage for future need, if needed. Moreover, the chance of missing the mails will be removed to an extent.