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Best Hotmail Backup Software Trusted Review

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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Hotmail, now popularly known as Outlook, was one of the very first public email services that allowed its users to access it from any Web browser. Within a few months of its launch in 1996, Hotmail became very popular and gained thousands of users.

Though Microsoft has long reincarnated Hotmail as Outlook.com, some users are still steadfastly holding onto their Hotmail accounts or still have a lot of data stored in their erstwhile Hotmail mailboxes that they would like to safely download elsewhere.

This blog is a treat for such users as here we bring the list of the six Best Hotmail Backup Software that can be used to download every piece of data from Hotmail email accounts to local computers, external storage devices or other email clients with complete security and data integrity.

Download for Win OS Download for Mac OS

So let’s begin.

SysTools Hotmail Backup Software for Mac & Win OS

SysTools Hotmail Data Backup Tool is an expert-certified solution to back up data from Hotmail accounts effectively without any data loss or corruption. The tool supports all the popular file formats like EML, PST, MSG, PDF, and MBOX. Available in multiple languages, the Hotmail Backup tool is supported by both Windows and Mac OS. It is compatible with Windows versions 11, 10, 8, and 7 (32-bit/64-bit) and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, and 2008.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Saves Contacts in the VCF format and Calendars as ICS files.
  • The Delete After Download option deletes emails from the server after they have been downloaded locally.
  • Allows users to take the incremental backup of only newly-arrived emails/data items.
  • Users can download all the email attachments along with Hotmail emails.
  • Emails can also be archived from MSN.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com.
  • Provision to download files with different naming conventions for PDF, EML and MSG.
  • Pause and Resume options let users restart the migration process from the exact point it was stopped.
  • Supports public domain Microsoft accounts and country-specific accounts such as (outlook.in) India and (outlook.jp) Japan.

Hotmail Data Backup

Free Demo Version: The trial edition allows you to take the backup of 100 emails and 25 other items from your Hotmail account.

MacUncle Hotmail Backup Tool for Mac OS Users

Another popular solution for downloading data from your Hotmail email accounts is the Hotmail Email Backup tool. This tool is designed specifically to work on Mac machines and is compatible with all the versions of Mac OS, such as 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Exports emails in multiple file saving formats, such as PDF, MSG, EML, PDF, MBOX, and DOC.
  • Supports single as well as bulk migration of Hotmail emails.
  • Maintains the integrity of the information in email headers, such as Cc, Bcc, and IP details.
  • Allows users to save the emails along with all attachments to external storage devices.
  • Permits the users to manage the pace of taking backups with the help of Pause & Resume options.
  • Provides the facility to clean up space in the server by deleting the backed-up data.
  • Is an independent application, which means you do not require to install Outlook or any other software.

Hotmail Email Backup Tool

Free Demo Version: You can download 25 Hotmail emails by using the Demo version of MacUncle Hotmail Account Backup Tool.

FreeViewer Hotmail Backup to Save Hotmail Emails

Designed with advanced algorithms to cater to every requirement of users, the Hotmail Data Backup tool by FreeViewer is a standalone application that does not require the installation of MS Outlook to convert Hotmail emails into the PST format. The tool has a simple and interactive graphical user interface and is available in multiple languages. It is one of the most effective tools to carry out single as well as bulk migration of Hotmail emails, calendars, contacts, and other items.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Exports Hotmail emails in a variety of file formats including PDF, PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML.
  • The contacts and calendars from the Hotmail account are downloaded in VCF and ICS formats, respectively
  • Maintains the structure and hierarchy of files/folders in the resultant file.
  • Facility to migrate only desired data by applying a date-based filter and selective folder filter.
  • Stores the account backup history and allows users to resume the backup from the same point from where it was stopped due to any reason.
  • Preserves the integrity of all the metadata, inline images, and formatting of emails during migration.
  • Generates the Live Backup Report displaying details of the ongoing backup process, such as mail count and the number of contacts.
  • The tool works efficiently on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Free Demo Version: The Trial version allows you to store 100 Hotmail emails.

RecoveryTools Hotmail Email Backup Wizard

The Best Hotmail Backup Software from RecoveryTools is an all-in-one solution to export Hotmail emails to more than 30 file-saving options and email client formats. This Hotmail Email Backup tool is among the best available in the market and is supported by both Mac and Windows OS. Its simple and self-explanatory user interface allows even users with no prior technical knowledge to operate the tool easily.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Allows users to save Hotmail emails on multiple cloud-based platforms.
  • Provides options to export email addresses and attachments from Hotmail separately.
  • Saves data from all the Hotmail folders and keeps the original folder structure intact.
  • The advanced file explorer view helps users to select only a few specific folders for backup.
  • The tool offers several file naming options that help users to arrange the output data in different ways.
  • Generates a log report that contains crucial information about the downloaded data.
  • Various filters allow users to sort data as per different criteria, such as Date Range, From, To, and Subject.

Hotmail Account Backup Software

Free Demo Version: The free edition allows you to save 25 emails per folder from your Hotmail account.

Corbett Hotmail Email Backup Tool to Save Emails

Hotmail Backup Tool allows users to download all the data items from their Hotmail email account with emails, attachments, and calendars without any data loss. This tool is primarily designed to work on the Windows operating system and permits users to seamlessly save emails in various standard formats, such as EML, PST, CSV, MSG, MBOX, and PDF.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Allows users to save data from Hotmail account directly to other email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, and Office 365.
  • Maintains the File Structure and Folder Hierarchy of your data items.
  • Allows users to perform Batch migration of their Hotmail mailbox.
  • Provides the option to auto-detect email server address and port number.
  • Supports all the latest editions of Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.
  • Designed with an Advance AI option that helps you sort multiple data files quickly and accurately.

Free Demo Version: The Demo version allows you to back up 10 emails/folders from your Hotmail account.

Yota Hotmail Backup Wizard to Download Emails

The last but not least on our list of best-rated backup tools is Yota Hotmail Email Backup Wizard. Equipped with various advanced features, this software allows users to access their Hotmail mailboxes on Windows Live Mail, Exchange Server, Outlook, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Rediffmail, and Eudora. It is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 and Server 2016 and 2019 editions.

Unique Features of this Software

  • Exports Hotmail email in multiple standard file saving formats, such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Doc, and TXT.
  • Choose Files and Choose Folder options to allow users to download single or multiple files, respectively.
  • Option to take selective backup of emails can be availed by applying date filters.
  • Ensures 100 percent data integrity and protection against other malware and viruses.
  • Keeps the metadata and all the email attributes like To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject intact in the resultant file.
  • Provides multiple preview options, such as Hex View, Raw Message, Content View, Properties View, and Message Header.

Best Software

Free Demo Version: You can download 10 emails per Hotmail account.


All Hotmail backup tools discussed in this blog are certified by experts and thoroughly tested on several parameters like cost, limitations, processing speed, dependability, user-friendliness, and advanced functionalities. Different users have different types of requirements as well as expectations, so you can choose any one of them to suit your specific needs.

As per our research and customer ratings, the best Hotmail Backup software are:

  1. SysTools Hotmail Data Backup Software
  2. FreeViewer Hotmail Backup
  3. RecoveryTools Hotmail Email Backup Wizard

All 6 backup tools discussed in the blog have their demo versions that can be downloaded for free from their respective websites. Users are encouraged to download and test the unique functionalities of these applications before upgrading to their complete editions. Technical customer support teams are available 24*7 to attend to your queries.