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5 Best PST Merge Software to Use with Feature Comparison

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On January 2nd, 2024
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I have done a lot of research on PST merge problems. Getting the regular user’s query about the issue of merging PST files. I tried to think of a solution and finally, I decided to use multiple software present in the market to solve that problem and list the best PST merge software, so you can choose the best PST merge software as per your need. Now deep dive into all tools one by one.

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email client that supports emails, contacts, notes, calendars, and many more. When using Outlook, a PST file is created to store your data. When the time to export all your data then you have to save all data into a single PST file. But the question arises. Do you really need to merge PST files?

Why Do You Need to Merge PST Files?

PST files ( Personal Storage Table ) store all data like Emails, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Journals, etc. These files are required to merge in the different scenarios. Let’s discuss:-

Multiple Accounts

When you have multiple Outlook accounts. This creates a separate PST file for each account. But the day comes when you want to get all of your data in one PST file for all accounts. Then, you come up with the approach to merge the PST files of all accounts into one.

Switch Account

Using Outlook email client, there may come a time when you think to switch to another email client. For shifting from Outlook to another email client there can be many reasons like not being happy with the services or any. These reasons may also vary from user to user. But the question arises, how can it shift now with existing data? You can just merge the PST files which can make it easy to shift from one email client to another email client. It is an easy approach to share one file rather than multiple files together.

One thing can also come to your mind by reading the above two scenarios, my reason is not matched with any of the above reasons. There may be another reason for you to use Outlook PST merge tools. Now let’s discuss some Outlook PST merge tools, that will help to complete your task quickly. I will be starting with the most appropriate tool.

5 Best PST Merge Software

As per the vast range of consumers for Outlook, there is a huge demand for the best PST merge software. As we discussed the reasons why you should do merging of PST files and what is the reason to use the Outlook PST merge tool. After getting the need of merging PST files you are ready to merge your PST file. But the challenge is, what is the best PST merge software to do this task?

How do you know the right tool due to the need for these types of software, there are enormous tools available in the market to merge PST files. I have listed the best tools to solve the merging problem of PST files. So, Let’s start.

1. SysTools PST Merge Tool

As everyone is aware of the importance and security of data. It comes on top of the list of the best PST merge software. One of the best PST merge software that can merge PST files without data loss and more securely among all the merging tools. It can be done using its simple user interface and its advanced features. Providing both features for joining and merging the PSTs files. All features that a user need to use are available in this software. It is having multiple modes to run either in Standard or Guest without the Admin Privileges. You can merge PST files with different options like New PST, Existing PST, or Outlook Profile. As per research, it is found to be the best PST merge software.


  • It can merge Outlook emails, notes, journals, tasks, and contacts.
  • You can remove duplicate emails while merging the PST files.
  • You also have the choice to opt for any option, either merge or join the PST file.
  • If don’t know the exact location of the file, then inside the tool, you can use its search filter.
  • This can easily merge PST files even if they are archive PST and password-protected.
  • Maintaining the folder hierarchy while merging PST files.
  • An advanced option to combine only selected folders to save users time and effort.
  • Supports Windows 11 and Microsoft Outlook 2021.



2. BitRecover PST Merge Wizard

It’s time to go with the third tool that is BitRecover. It comes in the third position of the best PST merge software. Its ease of use and smart features makes it more useful. This tool is also solving the same problem with its suitable features. It is having some advanced features for merging and joining files. You can merge as many PST files as you want. In joining the PST files you can join the files into a single PST and also the folders will be merged into a single folder using this Outlook PST merge tool.


  • It is able to merge the orphan PST files.
  • This is easy to operate for technical and non-technical users with its simplicity in design.
  • Always take care of proper security while merging the PST files.
  • Good at providing complete and correct data after merging PST files.
  • It also supports Unicode or ANSI files to perform merging.
  • This tool is designed to support all versions of Outlook PST files.
  • Provides free demo version for users to merge a maximum of 25 PST files.



3. Advik PST Merge Tool

Let’s start with the next tool having its own excellent features to solve the problem of merging PSTs files. It comes in the fourth position of the best PST merge software. After merging the PSTs files now query comes how do you share the file with another client now? Here is the solution Advik PST merge tool that can easily transfer files to other email clients. It also saves time and effort to merge PST files.  Easily extract data from PST files. It can also transfer the merged PST file to the cloud server that’s why it is also an efficient Outlook PST merge tool.


  • You can select a single PST file or multiple PST files to merge into a single PST file.
  • You no need to worry about the file structure while merging, it maintains Email Attributes, Mailbox folder, and subfolder.
  • Providing complete integrity while merging. It does not lose any single bit of information.
  • Supports advanced options for filtering.
  • It supports PST files created by Outlook 2019 and other previous versions also.
  • Convert PST files to many file formats like MBOX, PDF, MSG, DOC, etc.
  • There is no size limit to merge archive PST files.



4. Turgs PST File Merge Tool

Now finally, we have reached the last tool that is used to merge PSTs easily. It comes in fifth place in the list of best PST merge software. Special features for calendars. It can help to merge two duplicate calendars. It is providing a free version to use. You can use its free version by just downloading it. It is easy to operate and provides a merge and export maximum of 25 items from each folder of PST files you imported. After you satisfy with the services of Turgs you can choose its paid version also. If talking about its security then it is verified by Virus Total Safety.


  • It can integrate multiple Outlook PST archive files with Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc.
  • This also supports the merging of encrypted files.
  • It also helps to combine unlimited PST files without size restriction.
  • It is supported both file formats of PST files.
  • It is providing a separate option to merge only contacts also.
  • It gives better compatibility with all Microsoft and Outlook versions.



5. Stellar Merge Mailbox

Now come to the second tool which is the stellar merge mailbox. It is providing a simple and secure way to merge PST files. It comes in the second position of the best PST merge software. This tool helps to generate the Log Report which is having all the details about the merging process like start time, end time, source folder, folder name, destination, etc. This report will help to review the process of merging. This also comes with its features.


  • It is having user-friendly interface so that anyone can easily use it without any catch.
  • Able to delete junk folders while merging the PST files to maintain the file clean and secure.
  • This can also work with password-protected PSTs.
  • Generates detailed reports according to session.
  • It automatically takes care to remove duplicate emails from PST files during merging.
  • Providing the ability to save the PST file to an Exchange server and Office 365.



Final Words

In the above list of best PST merge software, you can see multiple PST merge tools. Each tool from this list is unique from each other. Each one has its own good points. Now after analyzing the all tools you are eligible to think and take the right decision for you. You can choose any appropriate tool from the above list that can fulfill your needs.

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