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5 Best Outlook PST Splitter Software with Feature Comparison

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On January 2nd, 2024
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By receiving regular queries on a daily basis, “What are the best 5 PST splitter software”? Then, I realized that Outlook users need to know about the PST splitter tool. So, I started working on a list of the best PST splitter software ”. After working on this list for a long time, I got the idea about the features of splitter tools. All tools are fulfilling the different requirements of users. Then, I realized that now is the time to pick the five best PST splitter software. Then, I make a list of the top five software, so, Let’s begin.

Trying to search for the best PST splitter software, here is the right place. Microsoft Outlook has several features, such as Emails, Notes, Tasks, Contacts, Journals, and many more. As time goes on, the PST file becomes bulky. Managing bulky files is a tedious task. Working with a bulky PST file is not a good approach. Now you think why?

Do you want to lose your data, want to get your file corrupted, wait for Outlook to be slow in sending or receiving emails, and many more? Let’s see what will be the effects on Outlook.

Effects Of A Large PST File

Working with a large PST file can create several problems for the users as well as for the Software. Now you think, managing a large PST file is really a serious issue and it really affects so much. So, YES it is really important to manage large PST files using Outlook PST splitter tools. I find some of the major issues of using a large PST file. It is affecting the performance of software and also creates problems for users in order to manage the file. I listed out them and some of them are:-

  • It can slow down Outlook software, which can affect the sending and receiving of emails.
  • The file can be corrupted which can affect your data drastically and don’t know if your data is backed up or not.
  • Large PSTs files take up lots of space and create problems while taking backups.
  • Due to the large size of the file. The file becomes heavier and as you know how much more difficult it is to share this file with another.

The above problems can occur for any Outlook user at any time. Then, you will try to find the Outlook PST splitter tools. To come up with the relevant solution to these problems. Let’s start with the best PST splitter software that can tackle the problems of a large PST file.

List 5 Best PST Splitter Software

Now it’s time to talk about the best solutions to split pst files using the software. In today’s era, almost every professional works with Emails. Some of them use Outlook, which has PST files. It really creates a problem for maintaining the PST file when they become larger in size. These files cannot be ignored because they directly affect the software and you cannot delete these files because of important data in them. Then, you are having only one option, just manage these larger files and keep your data safe using the Outlook PST splitter tool. So, to solve these queries. I came up with the right approach. Here, I will give you the name of the best PST splitter software that can help you to manage your large PST files in an easy way.

1. SysTools Split PST Tool

During the use of this software firstly you can feel relaxed about data security and authenticity. This is the best PST splitter software. If a large PST file crashes Outlook, then it is definitely a better tool.

This is an expert solution that breaks PST files into smaller parts. It is taking care of file integrity. During the splitting, it will not damage your file at any cost.

It also ensures proper security to keep your data intact, such as emails, notes, tasks, calendars, contacts, and journals. It is also helping in scenarios like if you want to get data as per user emails in CSV format then you can get it.

There might be a question in your mind about what version this software is supported. So, here is the answer to your question, this is supported in all versions of Windows.

This is the best PST splitter software, as it instantly divides corrupted PST files without interfering with Outlook.

You can face an issue while splitting that you are not having enough space to store split files. So, you can choose the size of a split file as well from the range of 1 MB to 1 TB. Let’s discuss the features of the best PST splitter software.


  • Dividing the large PST file on the basis of Size, Date, Year, Folder, and Category.
  • It can divide single files or multiple files together.
  • Providing a search filter to search your PST file, if you are not aware of the location of the PST file to be split.
  • It can also be able to split Outlook Archive or Active PST files.
  • Supports the option to Divide PST by providing Multiple User’s Email IDs in CSV.
  • Perform splitting on any file format of PST whether it is ANSI ( American National
  • Standards Institute ) or UNICODE ( Universal Character Encoding Standard ).
  • To store the resulting file after splitting, you can choose space from 1 MB to 1 TB.
  • It is Compatible with all Windows versions in 32-bit or 64-bit.

systools image


2. BitRecover PST Splitter Wizard

This is the third tool on the list. This has many better features to do the task. Sometimes language becomes a barrier while operating with software. This tool is taking care of that problem and provides different languages for a better user experience. It comes third in the list of best PST splitter software. As you might be aware the PST file formats.

PST can be stored in two formats either ANSI or UNICODE. Now, you are having the question of how to find the file format. Don’t worry about that, if you double-click on the file then it will show either the name of the file only or the name of a file with the year. So, if it is only showing the name of the file then it is in UNICODE format and if it is in the name with the year then it is in ANSI format. This tool can work for both. That’s why this tool is the part of best PST splitter software. It reserves file authenticity.


  • Easily split large PST files.
  • Splitting file with complete data.
  • Splitting can be done using several options like Date, Year, Folder, etc.
  • Split both UNICODE or ANSI files.
  • Choose the language to operate software at your convenience.
  • Recover the PST file before splitting.
  • It Supports all Outlook versions.

bitrecover pst


3. Advik PST Splitter Tool

This is the fourth tool on the list. It also has some important features to maintain file genuineness without any loss. It comes fourth in the list of best PST splitter software. The splitting is done securely.

There is no issue with the size of the PST file. While splitting you think that our data can be mismanaged. So, you are having the right thought but this tool makes splitting into the folder hierarchy. This tool will not mismanage your data. Working with software looks like a tough task for non-technical people. But using this tool you don’t need to be technical. You can just use the drag-and-drop operations to get your task done. This is the second last tool of the best PST splitter software.


  • It maintains folder hierarchy during splitting.
  • It can Split bulky files very well.
  • On the basis of Date, Folder, and many more criteria you can do splitting.
  • Extremely simple graphical user Interface.
  • Split corrupted or inaccessible files.
  • Support all Outlook versions.

advik pst


4. Turgs Outlook PST splitter Tool

Now here is the last tool. It comes fifth in the list of best PST splitter software. This is composed of the latest algorithms to split PST files. Easily maintaining all the contact information like photos, numbers, etc. During splitting and result file can easily exported to another file. Compatible to work with both of the storing formats of PST files like ANSI and UNICODE. It is also taking care of attachments while spitting. As you know just getting the text of the email is not necessary, attachments are also equally necessary. These can be in any format like PDF, docx, .xlsx, etc. This is the end of the list of best PST splitter software.


  • Splitting large files into small files with attachments.
  • On the basis of size and folder you can break the file.
  • Maintains Email information during splitting.
  • At ease for both ANSI and UNICODE files.
  • Compatible with all versions of Outlook.

turgs pst


5. Stellar PST Splitter Tool

Now come to the second tool which is a stellar PST splitter. It comes second in the list of best PST splitter software. This tool makes the splitting process more efficient. This is also convenient while using it as an Outlook PST splitter tool. This is having some advanced functionalities. It is extremely good during splitting even if the size of the PST file is 50 GB or more. It is also good at keeping the data safe. Due to its interesting qualities, it is included in the list of best PST splitter software.


  • Preserves the original file after splitting.
  • It can split the PST file of 50 GB or more.
  • On the basis of multiple criteria you can do splitting like Date, Folder, etc.
  • Generates the log report of the splitting process.
  • Supports MS Outlook version 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 2007, and 2003.
  • Use batch files to split multiple files automatically.

stellar pst



Last, you are now aware of all the best PST splitter software that can do the splitting of PST files. After reading the above tools, you finally got an idea about the PST file and the need to split the PST file. You can choose any tool as per your requirement. Each tool depends upon the need of the user.

If you are trying to split the PST file into smaller parts and keep your data safe and secure then go with the right tool which is satisfying your requirements.