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Top 5 SQL Server Database Migration Tools

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Summary: This guide is going to find out the best & top 5 SQL Server database migration tools present across the globe. As technology is growing faster than anything, it’s crucial for users to upgrade their SQL Servers as well. However, let it be upgradation or any other reason, SQL migration is not a joke. It requires a technique & tool.

Users often fail while migrating their SQL database from one server to another or even on the same server. To get rid of such issues, there are some SQL Server database migration tools available that can help users get the best-in-class experience of database migration.

Below is the list of the best 5 solutions that can help users to get the best in class results just like their expectations. After going through this software, users can select any of the following as per their particular requirements.

List of 5 Best  Microsoft SQL Server Data Migration Tool Available

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Factors to Consider for Selecting the Ideal Solution

There are several factors that play a major role in deciding whether a user should opt for a particular solution or not. Let’s go through these crucial factors to set our priorities first.

Software Performance

Software performance plays a major role in the database migration task. It states the accuracy & speed along with running several tasks together. While selecting the tool, users must opt for a solution with decent performance or even better than that.

Graphic User Interface

User experience is equally important as performance as most failures happen due to human errors. With an easy-to-use interface & an interactive dashboard, users can easily reduce the changes of any human error.

Advanced Features & AI

SQL Server database migration tools must be feature-rich. In the modern era of technology, it’s crucial for users to get the best features that can speed up the task and allow them to migrate databases in a customizable manner.

Free Trial or Demo Version

Users should not trust any solution without testing it. Evidently, it’s important for them to find out whether a tool is providing a trial or not. If yes, then it’s important to test the features & full potential of the migrator software.

Support & Software Updates

After purchasing the software, the brands often come with updates. Users should keep in mind if their software purchase includes those updates for free or not. If yes, then for how long?

The Cost & Subscription Model

Cost is the most sensitive factor as it can heavily affect the decision of users. One should focus on mid-range software that can be both efficient as well as effective. Therefore, users should choose a balanced solution.

Let’s begin with the solutions now as we are well aware of the considerable factors:

1. SysTools SQL Server Database Migration Tool

sql server database migration tools

SysTools SQL Migrator is so far the best solution available in the market as it is considered to be the most balanced tool. It offers exceptional brilliance when it comes to the migration of the database along with its objects. It comes with a very reasonable price that most users can spend on such a task. Moreover, SysTools is a well-established name in the Data Migration industry, so it is reliable as well. Let’s go through some of the major features of SysTools software to know more about it.


  • Easily export live databases to CSV files or SQL-compatible transcript files.
  • Potential to migrate SQL tables, triggers, functions, stored procedures, etc.
  • Option to migrate Live SQL Server to another Live SQL Server Database.
  • Migrate Offline MDF files to live running SQL Server database smoothly.
  • The software can migrate databases with schema & Schema with data.
  • Repair & MIgrates corrupted files of SQL Server: MDF, LDF, and NDF.
  • Migrates large-sized databases without size limit & that too error-free.
  • Proficient way to export Offline MDF files to SQL Scripts or CSV File.
  • Quick & Advanced Scan modes are there as well to repair MDF files.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if the software is not working well.
  • Supports SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, etc.
Pros Cons
Cost Efficient Solution 25 records per table in Demo Version
Accurate & Powerful Software
Advanced Features & AI Algorithms
Time Saving & Old Versions Support
Safe & Reliable Platform for Migration
Multiple Database Export Options Available

Cost: $250 for a Lifetime License with 1 Year of Support & Software Updates.

Best Suited For: The software is for all kinds of users like beginners, intermediates, and experts.

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MSSQL Database Migration Tool from Qlik


Now, Qlik is a very renowned brand as a whole. However, we can say that it’s new in the SQL Migration segment. It’s very obvious that users can easily get attracted to this because of the brand name. It’s not a bad choice, especially for expert users but when we talk about the beginner, they might face issues as it is not so user-friendly.


  • Continuous data migration is possible with Qlik for users.
  • It supports multiple sources like Oracle, MySQL, etc platforms.
  • It allows database migration with virtually no or minimal downtime.
Pros Cons
Multiple Platforms Support  No Advanced Features
Poor User Experience 
Not enough Information  Provided

Cost: Qlik does not mention the cost of their tool directly. Users might see this as a doubtful scenario. They need to get a quote from their team which may vary from situation to situation.

Best For: Very specific users who require cross-platform migration.

3. PCVITA SQL database Migration Tools

sql data migration tool

PCVITA again is one outstanding utility for users to get the most refined solution to migrate SQL database. It is quite proficient in migrating the SQL database using various filters in no time & without any errors at all. The software is built with advanced algorithms to work well & even supports SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, & 2022 versions.


  • Supports all the SQL Server 2000 & Above versions.
  • Migrate data to another server’s existing database or creates new one.
  • The software migrates only schema & also schema with data if required.
Pros Cons
Time-Saving & Cost Efficient  Demo Version Limitations
Interactive UI & Dashboard
Available for Old SQL Server Versions
Safe & Secure Migration without Data Loss

Cost: 250$ for Lifetime License & 1 year of Product Updates.

Best For: Versatile Users from beginners to expert level.

4. SQL Server Database Migration Tools by Kernel

Kernel is another popular name for SQL Server database migration for quite some time now. When we dig deeper into this, we can say it works quite well in terms of performance & other aspects. However, there are a few dark spots mentioned below:


  • Repairs & also migrates all MDF, NDF, & LDF files of SQL Server.
  • Also migrates to Azure SQL & Amazon RDS platforms.
  • Migrates large-size databases without hassles.
Pros Cons
Performance & Support Poor UI & Dashboard
Cost Efficient Solution Less or Minimal Features 

Cost: $200 for a one-time license with unlimited updates.

Best For: Only expert users can use this solution without errors in one go. 

5. EmailDoctor SQL Server Migration Tool

EmailDoctor is last but not least in this list of best & top 5 SQL Server database migration tools for sure. The clear-cut reason for this is the unmatched support & outstanding compatibility. Its USP is the user experience along with the software.


  • Allow users to select the collation settings if required.
  • Easy to use GUI, advanced features & compatibility.
  • Works with both Windows & SQL authentication.
Pros Cons
Feature-Rich Multiple Platforms Not Supported
Easy to Use Demo Version Limitations
Safe & Secure

Cost: $250 for 1 year license & support.

Best For: Anyone can use it but beginners like this one more.

Comparison of These Top 5 Software

Now, let’s compare all of these solutions side by side to find out the best solution available for users without any hassles.

SysTools Qlik PCVITA Kernel EmailDoctor
Performance Excellent Limited Good Good Good
Free Trial Version Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Interactive GUI
Features & Functions Maximum Features Minimal Features Moderate Features Moderate Features Moderate Features
Updates & Support For 1 Year No Support For 1 Year Lifetime For 1 Year
Price $250 $250 $200 $250


Based on the comparison, we can see that SysTools is the clear standout from all the other solutions in the list.

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The Final Say

Finally, now we are well aware of all the top 5 SQL Server database migration tools that users can think of in case they require any software to execute such SQL database migration tasks. Moreover, we can say that users can select any of the above-mentioned tools but SysTools stands out as an exceptional & balanced one so far.