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Best VAPT Companies in India to Make Internet a Safe Place for your Business

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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Category Cyber Security

Many businesses have increased their IT budget and invested in IT security to make their IT infrastructure secure from ever-increasing cyberattacks. In fact, it is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. And if there are any loopholes or security weaknesses, then they need to be eliminated before a hacker does. Thus, the need for a trusted VAPT provider arises.

However, choosing the best service provider might feel like a difficult task if you don’t know the technical know-how of the process. So, to make your hunt simple, we have come up with a list of the best VAPT companies in India.

Here, we will discuss why VAPT is essential for your business, and how you can choose the best VAPT provider for you. After this, we have listed the best VAPT Service Providers in India.

Why VAPT is Crucial for Every Business?

There are several reasons why you should perform pen testing on your application/network.

  • Discovering vulnerabilities and eliminating them
  • Certification Needs
  • Achieving Compliance
  • Security from Data Breaches
  • And many more

No matter what your reason is, each reason has its own significance and is equally important when planning to do VAPT. In my opinion, conducting a VAPT not only helps companies to detect security gaps but also guides them on how to plan and execute their tasks more securely in the future.

While doing VAPT increases the development cost of the project, it becomes more difficult to choose the right VAPT Company in India. But don’t worry, we have selected the best companies that offer the best services at very competitive prices without compromising quality standards.

What to Look Out for While Choosing the Best VAPT Company in India

When the business’s IT security is at stake, you should choose the best service provider in the country. There are certain parameters that you can look out for and shortlist the one that fully satisfies your needs. The major 5 points are:

  • Fail-Proof Project Planning– When looking for the best VAPT companies in India, you must ensure that the service provider follows an appropriate strategy and ensure that no vulnerabilities are missed during the process.
  • Extensive Vulnerability Assessment – A good service provider will leave no stone unturned to find the smallest of the vulnerabilities present in your IT infrastructure.
  • Industry-Specific Tools and Procedures – You must ensure that the team uses all the best-in-class tools with up-to-date definitions. Additionally, they should opt for the best possible procedures to identify all possible threats.
  • In-Depth Testing and Accurate Reports – While shortlisting the best VAPT Companies in India, you also need to check the reports that they provide explaining the list of vulnerabilities found. Also, there should be a risk ranking factor along with the vulnerabilities so that companies have an idea of which weaknesses to put the most priority and effort on.
  • Experienced and Highly Skilled Professionals – The best VAPT service providers should also have a team of skilled experts with versatile experience. Having a team of certified experts ensures that even sophisticated security weaknesses are discovered during VAPT.

What Should You Expect After Successful VAPT?

After a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and pen testing, you will be able to detect even the deepest security loopholes in your IT infrastructure. With the use of the best VAPT methodology and the right set of tools, your business will be safe from cyber security threats and attacks.

When the VAPT process is specifically tailored according to your IT stack and follows all the Industry standards like OWASP, SANS, PCI, and ISO-27001, it helps you uncover all the security weaknesses present in the application, network, or server.

Since a VAPT process holds great importance when we talk about the security posture of your organization, going with the best VAPT Company in India becomes essential. Thus, the following segment of the article lists all the best service providers that you can choose from.

List of Best VAPT Companies in India

  1. SysTools
  2. NetForChoice
  3. Astra Security
  4. Kratikal
  5. eSec Forte

SysTools (Author’s Choice)

SysTools is one of the best VAPT Companies in India and among the trusted brands in the domain of cyber security. They are into Managed Security Services to help businesses make the internet a safer place.

You can count on them for the VAPT services and hire them to identify and secure potential weaknesses in your system. The major strengths of their security assessment are:

  1. Certified Ethical Hackers for Manual Testing
  2. Dedicated Team of Pen Testers with Expertise in Cyber Security
  3. Effective Gap Analysis by VAPT Experts
  4. Proven Track Record of Providing Defensive Cyber Security Solutions
  5. Complete Post-Test Care for Effective Risk Remediation

Official Website Link – https://systoolsms.com/


Another top VAPT Company in the field of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is NetForChoice. They have a certified team of experts and have in-depth knowledge of how the VAPT methodology works.

Not just the experts, the price point at which they offer VAPT services is also commendable.

VAPT Services that they offer are:

  • Web Application VAPT
  • Mobile Application VAPT
  • Network VAPT
  • Server VAPT
  • Source Code Review
  • Configuration Review

Astra Security

Astra Security is also one of the leading companies in India when we discuss VAPT services. They have their own solution called Astra Pentest that helps businesses detect vulnerabilities and also provides measures to rectify them.

Astra Pentest solution offers various additional features as well like an In-built Dashboard, an automated vulnerability scanner, and much more.

You can also consider them if you looking for the best VAPT service provider in India.

Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Kratikal is also one of the leading companies that’s sole motto is to provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers. They are into VAPT services for many years now and have a quite remarkable success rate.

Along with VAPT, they offer many more services like cyberattack simulation, anti-spoofing solutions, phishing incident response, and much more.

eSec Forte

eSec Forte Technologies is offering pioneer solutions for VAPT, mobile forensics, security consulting, and much more.

Like many other companies, it is also a global player and is considered one of the best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Companies in India. Additionally, they also received CERT-IN’s certification in the field of Information Security Auditing Services.


An extensive vulnerability assessment and pen testing have become unavoidable tasks if you are concerned about the security posture of your business. Choosing the best VAPT Company in India might feel like a difficult task as there are a lot of service providers in the market. Thus, to make your job simple, we have listed the top 5 VAPT service providers that you can choose from and get your application/network tested for security loopholes.

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