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EML File To PST Converter – Opens A Way For Investigation

James Ryder ~ Modified: October 30th, 2015 ~ Email Conversion ~ 4 Minutes Reading

An email has become the secret sharing source nowadays. Everyone is familiar with emailing and when the usage is considered, you will come to know that it is widely used among business organizations or enterprises. Each of the organization has their own platform for emailing, mainly sticks on to desktop mail clients because of the security concerns. There are many email clients such as, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, WLM and much more. Though, these mail clients may differ in the interface or functions (to an extent), they support EML file format. Day by day, the growths of illegal activities are growing higher and it can even be seen in business firms as well. The interesting part is that, emails are involved in such activities.

And now, since many of the illegitimate activities are carried out through emails, the need for investigation on emails has also shoot up. Since there are chances for missing the evidence out of the mails, either by manipulation, spoofing the emails etc. the need for proper evidence collection is important. Losing the evidence can mislead the case. Thus, need of proper investigation tool is necessary. Since these mail platform support EML file format, agents will have to get tools supporting EML files.

Why There Is Need To Convert EML File To PST?

Outlook PST has grown to the most remarkable desktop mails platform because of its functionalities and security provided. Since PST gives a collective view of the emails as compared to EML which only represents a single message, EML file to PST conversion becomes necessary. Moreover, Outlook PST ensures the security of the emails marked as the evidence (if any) through the password protection feature implemented in it.

As far as the conversion from EML to PST is considered, it is most challenging since Outlook only supports PST file format. Manual conversion methods are available but, so far it is not reliable and is time consuming. Carrying out searches on one file after the other is tiresome. To convert EML file to PST, choosing a third party is better. EML file to PST Converter tool can guarantee full support for the conversion of EML mails to Outlook PST. Apart from the conversion support, the software helps the investigators to deeply search on the EML mails since the feature are implemented in such as manner.

How EML file To PST Converter Helps?

The software supports bulk mails conversion in a go. It helps in viewing the emails in different format thus; investigators can get a clear cut idea of the mail and also can get to know about the manipulations done if any.

Convert EML File to PST

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The interface of the tool is simple so, much effort is not required for its working. Once when the tool is opened, it shows all the system location from where you can select the file for converting. The preview of the mails with attributes such as, from, to, subject, size etc. are available on the preview window.

For the detailed study on emails, there are 7+ view modes enabled in EML file to PST converter tool. Suppose if the manipulation done to the mail is to be checked, investigator can get to know about it from the ‘Hex View’ mode.

Convert EML File to PST

Apart from ‘Hex View’, agent can view the email header to check the sender, receiver, return path etc. through the ‘Message Header View’ option. Furthermore, there are MIME View, RTF View and much more.

The tool has the facility to selectively export the emails to PST file or exports as a whole; it’s up to the users and also allows splitting of the PST file before exporting.

EML file to PST converter tool is a promising platform for the investigation of EML file since provides a lot of information. It makes the examining of the emails much easier and helps to create report as well.