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How to Create PST File for Specific Folder – in a Better Way

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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create pst file for specific folder

Looking for a solution for how to create PST file for specific folder then your search ends here. Microsoft Outlook provides many things to do like Emails, store contacts, notes, track tasks, journals, etc. While working with Outlook, it maintains a PST file that is having all the data. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file is of two forms. It can be either in ANSI or UNICODE. Sometimes you are required to create PST file for a specific folder only.

Outlook improved regularly when it was 1997 it was having default fixed PST file size of 2GB till Outlook 2002. Then after analyzing the requirements of users and its regular improvements, it started providing the space of 20 GB default fixed size for the PST file till Outlook 2007. After 2007 and till now by default PST file size is 50 GB.

Till the 2003 version of Outlook, the PST file was in ANSI format. But later on, it comes in the UNICODE format. Basically, you can create PST files easily. As PST file stores all data then by its regular uses it becomes bulky which can cause several problems. Let’s list some issues that can happen from the PST file. Dealing with bulky PST files is not the right approach. It can cause various effects on the Outlook software and your data as well. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should create a PST file for a specific folder.

Major Reasons to Create PST File for Specific Folders

There can be several reasons to create PST files for specific folder. Using large PST file can cause various harms for the software. Now you are thinking that, there is really any major reasons to create a PST file for a specific folder? So, Yes it is really important to keep your data secure. Let’s deep dive into it.

  • It affects the overall performance of the Outlook such as delaying in sending and receiving of Emails.
  • The file can be corrupted and you are not able to access that.
  • Due to its size, it creates problems while taking backups.
  • Large PST file is also not able to share with anyone.
  • Not easy to manage.

Here we discussed some of the major reasons to create PST files for specific folders. Now, a question is framing in your mind, there is no match for my reason in the above reasons. Here, only some of the major issues are discussed. Everyone has their own reasons. Now after getting aware of the issues it’s time to move towards the solution. How can you solve this?

Different Approaches to Create PST for Specific Folders

This can be done manually and professionally. Using Outlook you can break the PST file on a single parameter. But going with the manual approach is not right. Because it needs some technical knowledge and follow all steps carefully. There is no more chance to get back your data if it is lost. Let’s start with a manual way to break PST files.

Manual Approach

Using this approach, you can store all your data in the file to another location. You can use it to just store the old items and use their space for other data.

You have to follow some steps:-

  • Hit on FILE, then choose Cleanup Tools, and then Archive.

  • After that select the Archive this folder and all subfolders.
  • Finalize a date from which, older items you want to archive.
  • Browse the resulting location.
  • Press OK.

Key Point:– As you see, using the manual method you are not able to create PST file for a specific folder. This method is only applicable if anybody wants to create the PST file for a specific folder on the basis of the Date.

I hope you got the answer on your own. This is not the solution that is right for you and helps you. So, go with the next and better approach which is a professional way to create PST file as per specific folders.

Using SysTools Split PST Tool

Here is the right way which is called a professional approach. There is no need for technical knowledge. It is the easiest method to create PST file for a specific folder. You can just operate the software using drag and drop only. This is the most reliable method to create PST file for specific folders.

There is no need to worry about data integrity. Your data will not be lost. It will keep your all data like emails, notes, journals, contacts, and tasks safe throughout the process. It can be supported in any version of Windows. This is the best software to manage PST file size limit. It will surely help to solve large PST files crashes Outlook problem also. It is doing its task without any interruption of Outlook. You are having right to pick the size of a resultant file as per your ease between 1 MB to 1 TB.

It will surely solve the problem of How to create PST file for specific folder, you just need to take some easy steps:-


  • Download and Open the tool.


  • You are able to select the required options ADD File for a single PST file.
  • Choose ADD Folder for multiple PST files.
  • If don’t know the exact location you can go with the SEARCH Files option.


  • Click on Browse to identify the file and press Open.


  • Hit REMOVE, if you want to remove the single file.
  • If you want to remove all selected files then, you can go with the REMOVE ALL option.


  • Tap on Browse to find the location of the resulting file.
  • After finding the location hit on Next.


  •  You are having multiple parameters on the basis of which you can create PST file for specific folder like size, category, email, date, year, and folder.
  • Choose the split by Folder option.
  • You can also choose from 1 MB to 1 TB space to store the resulting file.
  • Click on Next to complete the whole process.



After analyzing both ways. You can calculate the better option for you which gives the better result without any technical knowledge. You also examine that the manual method is not able to fulfill your needs. So, go with the second option. Use this tool to get the solution of your query in a better way without any interference of Outlook. So, this tool can surely help you to solve your query of how to create PST file for specific folder.