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Best Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tools – Top 5 Software to Migrate Exchange Data

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On November 15th, 2023
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We have compiled a list of the top 5 Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tools along with their features. These tools are among the most widely used and trusted software in the market, making them popular choices for migrating Exchange data to Office 365.

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User Query #2 I’m in charge of our organization’s IT, and we’re planning to move from Exchange 2016 to Office 365. Can you provide insights into the common hurdles faced by users during this migration process? Additionally, what features should I prioritize when evaluating migration tools to ensure a smooth and secure transition?

User Query #3 Our company is in the process of adopting Office 365, and we need to migrate our existing Exchange server data. What are the typical challenges that users encounter when migrating, and how can we choose the most suitable migration tool that addresses our specific needs? Are there any best practices or recommendations for a successful Exchange to Office 365 migration?

List of Best Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tools

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With time, IT infrastructure is changing and users are grasping the importance of getting updated with the latest technology. Simultaneously, companies are improvising their existing IT ecosystem. And, showing their interest in adopting cloud-based platforms instead of hosted Exchange servers.

Exchange On-premise servers are more inclined to devastating and invasive attacks. Hence, many enterprises are shifting their workload to the cloud platform, Office 365. 

Besides, by moving data to Office 365, organizations can easily enhance their data security and business operations. Plus, accessing data from anywhere and on any device gives an extra push in yielding positive outcomes.

However, moving data between two different environments requires technical expertise. Along with that, the right migration tool acts as a helping hand in executing a successful data migration.

Most Used Top 5 Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tools

Refer to the below best Exchange to Office 365 migration tools and pick the right one as per your need:

SysTools Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

SysTools Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is a powerful migration solution for moving data from On-premise Exchange to Office 365 cloud. This tool helps users migrate single and/or multiple mailboxes.

Price: $5/User & Also Customizable

Overview of the tool features:

  • Automatically export entire mailbox data (Emails, Contacts, and Calendars). Also, facilitates the Date Filter option for selective data migration.
  • Supports Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 to Office 365 migration.
  • It allows transferring of multiple users’ accounts in one go  without any data loss
  • At the destination, maintains the same folder hierarchy as the Source account.
  • Flexible enough to migrate user account data of any size.
  • Easily fetches users and matches with the target for a hassle-free migration.
  • Conveniently Start and stop the migration process at any time
  • Prioritize the migration of specific Exchange user accounts
  • It offers ‘Re-run Migration’ to retry failed items and ‘Delta Migration’ to migrate newly arrived items.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

CodeTwo Office 365 migration is a user-friendly software that transfers Exchange On-premise data to Office 365. It performs migration from any lower version of the Exchange server to Microsoft Office 365.

Price: $6.76

Some of the primary features include:

  • Supports migration of Exchange 2013, 2016, and 2019 server data to Microsoft 365.
  • Migrates Emails, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Let users move Exchange public folders to Office 365
  • Facilitates running Post-migration rescan to ensure no data is left out
  • Allows choosing file categories to be migrated
  • Provides various options to fetch users from the server
  • Offers scheduled migration 

BitTitan MigrationWiz

BitTitan MigrationWiz is a seamless migration tool that is reliable for conducting an impactful Exchange to Office 365 migration. From emails to contacts, it migrates it all.

Price: Customizable

Key features of the software: 

  • Allows mailbox, document, and personal archive migration.
  • Facilitates public folder migration
  • It is a single easy to use UI 
  • Offers PowerShell SDK
  • Provides unlimited concurrent migration
  • Enables customizable email notifications for the convenience of the user

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SkyKick Exchange to Office 365 Migration

SkyKick Exchange to Office 365 migration is a useful software for transferring electronic files from standalone servers to the cloud. It migrates a large range of data sets.

Price: Customizable

Some of the Software features include:

  • Migrates Emails, Contacts, and Calendars
  • It facilitates moving data journals, public folders, and shared mailboxes. 
  • Allows migrating email categories, folder & calendar permissions, mailbox full access permissions

Cloudyway Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Cloudyway Exchange to Office 365 migration software efficiently migrates the entire range of data from On-premise Exchange to Office 365. 

Price: $9.50

Software features overview:

  • Migrates Emails, Calendars, and Contacts from on-premise to Office 365
  • Facilitates moving shared mailboxes, secondary calendars, and contact groups
  • Offers transferring folders, tasks, and delegations & permissions
  • There is no limitation on migrating Journals, Notes, and Online Archives
  • Delta pass technology allows a full and accurate data migration

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At The End 

In this digital age, technology is rapidly evolving. Organizations are understanding the risks of keeping data on-premise. So, the majority of the business industries are slowly inclining towards adopting the cloud platform, Office 365. 

That directly means users are migrating their data from standalone servers to the cloud. However, the entire process is a tough nut to crack. Hence, this article comprises the best Exchange to Office 365 migration tools with the help of which one can execute a seamless migration.