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Outlook Export Email List to CSV Without Hassle

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On November 16th, 2023
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If you are looking for an Outlook export email list to CSV, then your search ends here. In this write-up, you will find the complete steps to export the Outlook email group & list to CSV file format. The article includes both of the approaches either it is manual or professional. With the popularity of Outlook among enterprises, there are several reasons behind the exporting of Outlook emails to CSV files. Let’s explore them first.

Table of Contents:

Why Export Outlook Email Group & List to CSV?

There are several reasons to export Outlook email group to CSV. Some of the key reasons are.
1. Analyze Emails – CSV files are easy to read because of their syntax. These files can be imported into spreadsheet programs such as Excel and easy to analyze the email data. You can track the email volume, email content, and other factors as well.

2. Easy to Integrate – In some situations, you need to import the emails to another platform such as a CRM system for different purposes. The CSV file is widely used to integrate with the other applications for distinct operations.

3. Used as Archive – When you do not require some of the emails at that moment in time. So, you can export them to CSV files to store them all in a copy for further use. The archive CSV file can be used for compliance purposes or shared with others.

4. To backup email data – Having a backup of all the data is a good practice. You can do Outlook export email list to CSV the emails to the CSV files to keep them safe from upcoming crashes in Outlook.

5. Small Files – CSV files are small can be shared and are easy to store on the system.
This is all about the benefits that you can get from exporting Outlook emails to CSV files. However, the question arises of how to export Outlook emails to CSV files. Basically, exporting Outlook email lists to CSV files is possible with two approaches one is the manual and the other is the professional. Let’s elaborate on each one in detail sequentially.

How to Perform Outlook Export Email List to CSV with Date Manually?

You can export Outlook email group & list with date manually with the help of an inbuilt option in Outlook. You need to follow some steps to get emails in a CSV file and these are.

Step 1. Launch the Outlook on the system.

Step 2. Click on File and then choose Open & Export.

Step 3. Now select the Import/Export option.

Step 4. Click on the Export to a file option and Next.

Step 5. Choose the Comma Separated Values as the type of file and then Next.

Step 6. Specify the email account and the folder of emails to export.

Step 7. Browse the location to save that file and OK.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Export Outlook Email Group

1. During the manual method, you are not able to export Outlook emails that are large in size.
2. There is no option to customize the export process by applying the Date filter.
3. If the data is inconsistent, then there might be a chance of data loss during the export process.
4. If you need to export multiple email lists then it is a time-consuming process.

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Professionally Perform Outlook Export Email List to CSV

The expert recommends the SysTools PST File Converter Software to turn the PST file into a CSV file. You can get the PST file from its default location. This tool does not require you to be technical to operate it. Because of its simple user interface, any non-technical person can also use this tool. It is able to convert all the emails, calendars, contacts, notes, and attachments to the CSV file. Both types of files either ANSI or UNICODE convert to the CSV easily.  You can also choose Outlook mac export emails to CSV, if you are a mac user.

Key Features that Make the Export Process Easier

1. Able to recover permanently deleted emails from PST files.
2. Supports corrupted Outlook PST file and the Password-protected PST file.
3. Flexible to convert multiple PST files at once.
4. There is an advanced Search option to search the required PST file.
5. A complete report is generated of all the executed steps.
6. You can also use this tool as PST to PDF convert.

Get CSV File from PST File Step-By-Step 

Step 1. Download and Run the tool.


Step 2. Click on the Add File Option to add the PST file.


Step 3. Choose the file by Selecting the file or Search file option and Open.


Step 4. Now, you can choose the option of Advance scan and Recover Permanently Deleted Items and hit on Add.

scan pst file

Step 5. Select the emails for export and click on the Start Export Selected button.


Step 6. Under the select Export type choose the option of CSV.


Step 7. Click on Browse for the destination location of the file.


Step 8. Choose the options of Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Ignore System Folders and Start Export.



Because of distinct reasons, PST needs to become CSV. That’s why through this article, we have explained all the methods to export emails from Outlook to CSV. Different approaches are discussed either it is manual or professional with the required steps. Now your query for Outlook export email list to CSV is resolved.