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Merge PDF and Reduce File Size: Try this Smart Solution!

Alessia Manon ~ Modified: May 13th, 2023 ~ PDF ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution on how to merge PDF and reduce file size? If yes, then read this article here you will get to know the complete step by step methods that can easily combine and reduce file size of PDF documents.

Before we get started, let’s shed some light on the advantages of combining the PDF files.

Do You Know the Benefits of PDF Merging?

Merging PDF files is quite helpful in many programs. Some of them are described below:

  • Easy handling of Document: When users have a large number of PDF files, it will be very complicated for users to manage these files. Then, to handles those files effectively, it’s better to merge them into one.
  • Sharing Data with Ease: To upload or attach several documents will be a very challenging task for the users. Also, some of the applications or platforms have a one file limit. Therefore, to upload the files seamlessly, you can merge them into a single document.
  • Faster Printing and Scanning: If you want to print the PDF file that contains huge pages in it, you will definitely prefer it to one file. Because it will be easier for you to print the one PDF file rather than the individuals one.

How to Merge PDF and Reduce File Size?

Here in this section, we have mentioned the two utilities through which users can easily combine PDF and reduce file size. So, first, we will start with the merging process and later we compress the PDF file size with some other third party tool that is elaborated in the further section.

Let’s discuss the procedure one by one.

  1. Best Solution to Combine PDF files
  2. Automated Way to Reduce size of PDF documents

A. Software for Merging PDF Files

You can merge the PDF files easily, with the help of this PDF Merger Tool. It enables you to merge bulk PDF files without affecting the quality of your document. It does not let users lose PDF file properties. Furthermore, the tool preserves the file format, page orientation, layout, and file structure the same as the original PDF document.

You can easily download this software just by clicking on the download button.

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Steps for Merging PDF Files together


After downloading, install the software and follow the below steps to merge PDFs documents:


1. Launch the software. Then click on the “Merge” option available in the software.



2. Select the “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder” option to insert PDF files. Hit Next.



3. Then, select the “Merge” options and set the destination location where you want to save the PDF files.



4. Next, click on the “Merge” button to start the merging process.


5. Finally, the tool merged the PDF files successfully.



Features of the PDF Merger Tool


  • Quickly merge PDF documents in batch.
  • It provides an option to merge PDF files by range.
  • Does not impose any file size limitation on the number of PDF files.
  • Maintain file formatting and originality of the documents
  • Supports to merge known password-protected PDF files.

Apart from this also provide the functionality to combine PDF documents without losing bookmarks.

B. For Reducing PDF files


PDF Toolbox is the best tool to compress PDF files without affecting the quality of the PDF document. This professional software helps users to compress, convert, and extract images or text from PDF files without any error. Additionally, the tool has an Advance Settings option to set the position of text, images, page number, header, or footer of the files.


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Steps For Decreasing Size of PDF Files

After merging the PDF files, follow the steps to compress the PDF file size.

1. Download and install the automated software.

2. Click on the Add PDF Files/Folder to insert the PDF files to compress.

3. Select the desired PDF Compress options.

4. Finally, the PDF File compression process is completed.

Some of the Prominent Features of the Tool

  • Maintain the file formatting or originality of PDF files.
  • Rapidly compress large PDF files of any size.
  • The tool carries out the lossless compression of PDF files in batch.
  • It has an option for the quality setting to reduce the file size.
  • Able to extract text from PDF files and save the extracted data in .txt format.
  • Software is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions.

From the above section, you came to know that how you can merge PDF and reduce size of PDF documents. But for that purpose, you have to purchase the full version of both these tools. The PDF merger is available at the cost of $19 and PDF Toolbox at $11.

Apart from merging and reducing the file size process, if the user wants to perform various other tasks like PDF recovery, unlocking, watermarking, etc. Then, no need to worry, we have a great option for that. This PDF Management Tool is a complete kit for collaboration of PDF files available at $ 49 that contains six different tools in it.

PDF Management software toolkit smartly resolves the merge PDF and reduce file size issues and other tasks related to Adobe PDF documents.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have found in many situations, users find it difficult to deal with multiple PDF files. In those circumstances, they want to merge their PDF files into a consolidated file. But, the problem arises after merging the pdf file is its large size. The huge size of pdf creates difficulties for the users while uploading or sharing the massive PDF files. Hence, users want to reduce the file size of their PDF documents. So, in this article, we tried to resolve this user’s problem by providing the best solution to combine PDF and reduce size of the PDF files. Users can download the above utilities to perform the merge PDF and reduce file size process.