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How to Split Outlook PST File Year-Wise? Efficient Solution

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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split pst file by year

Finding the solution for how to split Outlook PST files by year. Here is the right place. PST files are associated with Outlook. It is used to store the outlook data like Emails, Notes, Tasks, Calendars, and Contacts. In the earlier versions of Outlook till 2003 PST file was in ANSI format. But later on, as the software improves the PST file will become in UNICODE format. Outlook in their earlier versions provided the space of 2GB. After analyzing the requirements of the users they decided to increase the size of PST files up to 20 GB after the Outlook version 2003. But the demand keeps on increasing and in their 2007 version they started giving the space of 50 GB.

While you are working on Outlook and using their services. Then PST file becomes larger over time. Then it’s quite tough to get data year-wise. After some time, when the file becomes heavier then, it can lead to data loss and synchronization issues as well. But the issue is how we can get our data organized by Year. Let’s see some more difficulties that you can face because of Large PST files.

Difficulties in Working with Large PST Files

Large-size PST files can create multiple issues for you. It impacts Outlook also. Due to this, you may also face some errors. Some of the major problems that arise from large PST files are below:-

  • Decreases Outlook’s overall performance. This issue makes the system crash.
  • At some point in the future, the system creates problems while opening Outlook.
  • Increasing the risk of corruption and damaging the PST file that affects your data.

After knowing about the major impacts of large PST files. There may be a question is framing in your mind that your reason is not listed here. These are some major reasons. It’s time to move toward the solution. How you can overcome these problems. How you can break Outlook PST file by year. Let’s go with the flow to know the solutions to this problem.

Different Options to Split Outlook PST File Year-Wise.

There are different approaches to overcoming the problem of large PST files. One is manual and another is professional. You will get to know about all of the approaches sequentially. You can choose any one approach as per your requirement to break Outlook PST file by year.

  1. Using Manual Outlook Feature
    You can go for the in-built Outlook features to complete your task. You need to have some technical knowledge to use this approach. Go with these steps:-
  • Click on File > Cleanup Tools Then,


  • Select Archive Then,
  • Choose Archive this folder and all subfolders.
  • Select the checkbox for Include items do not archive checked.
  • Click on the Dropdown Archive items older than and select the required Year.
  • Click on Browse to save the resulting file and Ok.

split pst by year


Using this method we can’t able to break a large PST file that is having some damaging issues. There is one more option using Import and Export Wizard. But it is not having the option to choose the year directly. Firstly we have to find emails as per the required Year and then saved them to a separate file. To perform Manual methods, you also need to be aware of technical terms. After analyzing both ways, You can choose another option to break large PST files, even if they are corrupted. Let’s see the efficient approach to do this task.

Efficient Approach to Break Outlook PST File.

This is the professional approach to getting your task done. You can use SysTools PST Split to break outlook PST file by year in an efficient manner. Using this tool you do not need to worry about data security, data corruption, etc. During this process, it maintains your data integrity. Your file structure will also maintain. You don’t need to be a technical person. You can just use this software by drag and drop. It is supported on versions of Outlook. No matter whether your Outlook version was earlier or new. If you are running out of space then this software will also give you the option to choose space for a resultant file between 1 MB to 1 TB. You can also check best PST splitter software. To perform this task you just need to follow some steps:-

  • Download and Open software,


  • Click on Add File for a single file.
  • Choose Add Folder for multiple files together.
  • Tap on Search if you are not aware about the location of the file.


  • After choosing the files or folder, Click Open.


  • You can remove files individually using the Remove option.
  • And all files using the Remove all option.


  • Tap on Browse to choose the location for the resulting file and NEXT.


  • Now you have multiple parameters like size, date, year, folder, email, and category.
  • Select year option.
  • Choose file size from 1 MB to 1 TB and next.




This approach makes easy access to the file. Here you are having different approaches to breaking the files. As per the discussion of manual and professional approaches. You can see the issues with the manual approach that it requires some technical knowledge.

Working with the manual approach is also a risky task. If you choose any other option by mistake then it creates a major problem for you. Your data may be corrupt or lost. Choose your approach wisely and go with the tool to get your task complete.