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How to Transfer Google Apps to Another Account?

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Switching to different Google apps account is quite easy, just create new account and start using it. However, when users need to transfer data from Google Apps account, then they face some difficulties. Though, Google provides ‘Data Migration Service’ for transferring emails, contacts, calendars separately. But, this service doesn’t provide the option to transfer drive data. Therefore, in this blog, we will provide you an easy solution using which Admin can transfer Google Apps to another account for multiple users. So, stick around and see the easiest way of data transfer of Google Apps.

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Problems With Data Migration Service

  • Cannot transfer emails, contacts, calendar simultaneously
  • No support to transfer documents from Drive.
  • Incremental data transfer is not supported
  • Transfer of a single category of the item can take a large time.

Transfer Google Apps to Another Account Via Automated Tool

For the complete transfer of Google Apps account data to new account, it’s better to take the help of automated data migration tools such as SysTools G Suite Migration Tool. This automated tool is capable of transferring Google Apps data such as emails, contacts, calendars & drive (documents). Apart from just data migration, the tool provides easy to use interface and multiple unique features to help you during the migration process.

Unique Features Of Automated Tool

  • Complete Data Transfer – The automated tool is thoroughly designed by the developers to over the limitation of the data migration service. It provides simultaneous data transfer of all Google Apps data to another account. Hence, users can transfer emails, contacts, calendars & documents from Google Apps without any limitation.
  • Category & Date-Range Filters – Admin can use the category filter to select the specific category of items to transfer. The category filter contains the option to select Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Documents. With the category filter, admin can also enable the Date-Range filter for each selected category.
  • Generates Report – Once the transfer of Google Apps to another account is complete you can download the data transfer report on your computer. The tool provides two types of reports:
    • Summary Report – This report is created for an individual user whose Google apps data has been transferred. The report contains the details of the items that are successfully transferred. And, items that are failed during the process.
    • Detailed Report – It is a single report file containing the success and failure counts of each category of every user.
  • Re-Run Migration: This feature is also available after the transfer of Google apps. This feature provides 3 options, each one has its own functionality.
    • Retry Failed – If in case during the process if any items of Google apps failed to transfer, then this option will to transfer those failed items again.
    • Re-Run Full – This option is run a counter for each items of Google apps and transfer all those items that were skipped during last attempt.
    • Delta Migration – This feature skip already transferred data of previous attempt and only transfer newly received items.

Steps to transfer Google apps to another account are:

1. Install the software and launch it on your machine.

2. First, click on the “Activate” button and enter the activation code of software. If you don’t have the activation code, then click on how to activate it.

3. After successfully activation, select the Source & Destination platform as “G Suite” for transferring Google apps to another account.

transfer Google apps to another account

4. After that from workload section, select the category of items for transfer any set date-range filter.

5. Now, In source and destination tab, enter the Admin Id, Application id & p12 file path.

6. Next, for source & destination user id mapping, select the option from fetch user or Import CSV.

7. Select the users whose data need to be transferred and apply priority to them.

8. Finally, click on Validate button to authentication of Google Apps accounts and click on Start Migration to begin the data transfer.

Note: After the successful transfer of Google apps data, click on the Download Report button to save it on your computer.


In this blog, we have covered the one and only solution that overcomes all the limitations of data migration service to transfer Google Apps to another account. If you still wish to perform the data transfer then open the Admin console, and click on the Data Migration tab to get more information about its working. But, if you wish to prefer the automated tool then downloads its demo version for free and transfer complete account data of 2 Google Apps users.