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Why did Outlook Stop Receiving Emails? Let’s Know the Reason and Solution

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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outlook stopped receiving emails

If you are searching for the reason of Outlook Stopped Receiving Emails then this is the right time to know. As you are already aware the usage of Outlook in emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and journals. Outlook is heavily used for the interchange of emails. By its frequent usage, Outlook storage needs some attention.

Attachments are attached to the emails for more information. As the attachments are collected then it affects the Outlook space. As Outlook is now providing 50 GB of space. But sometimes it is not good enough. When your Outlook starts this problem means your Outlook needs some attention in terms of space. When the Outlook space starts getting full then it creates this problem. Due to this issue, you can also face different hassles as well.

Other Issues That can Also Occur

You can face multiple issues other than stopping receiving emails also. They will intensely harm your Outlook. Let’s see some major issues.

  • Errors – You may face several errors in different tasks using Outlook. Searching errors while using the search option and others as well.
  • Not able to Access – Sometimes you are not able to open all of the options that are associated with Outlook. As a result, Outlook stops working.
  • Outlook is Slow – The whole Outlook will be slow. It will stop working efficiently. It will start taking too much time when opening. Sometimes doesn’t show anything just loads only.
  • Improper functionality – Due to this sending and receiving of emails will affect badly and Outlook stops sending and receiving emails.

These are just the major issues that you can face other than receiving emails. So, now you can imagine how big a problem this will create. Let’s start with the solutions to how you can solve these problems and email receiving problems also.

Solutions to Handle the Issue of Outlook not Receiving Emails

As per the problem, there are two different solutions to solve the problem of Outlook stopped receiving emails. One is the manual solution and another is the professional solution. Manual solutions and professional solutions both can solve this problem. But the professional solution is widely used. You can also create a PST file for the specific folder to solve this issue. Let’s see both solutions one by one so you can differentiate between them.

Have a Look at the Manual Solution

This a manual solution that requires some consideration while using it. It is done using several functions of Outlook itself. The manual solution is provided the two different ways. Let’s see them.

  • Archive Method
    This is a part of the manual solution. It is used to archive old data that can help to make some more space in Outlook. It is achieved by some steps:-
  1. Choose the CleanUp Tools.
  2. Make Archive and verify the date from which you want to archive.
  3. Select the Archive this folder and subfolders.outlook stopped receiving emails
  4. Now Browse and find out the right destination to store the archive file.
  5. Start the process by OK.


  • Import and Export Method
    This is another way of manual solution. In which you can export the old file and use the new file to store data using the required steps.
  1. Choose Account Settings and then,
  2. Select the Data Files and then Add.
  3. Do Open & Export and then
  4. Select Export to a file, hit .pst file, and nextoutlook stopped receiving emails
  5. Select the options as needed.outlook stopped receiving emails
  6. Browse the location and Finish.outlook stopped receiving emails

After observing both the manual solutions. There is a need to be a techy person. Manual solutions is providing the sequential steps to do. Due to any reason if you miss any step or choose the wrong option in a hurry. Then it will be data loss and data corruption. In this solution, you are not able to perform the exportation of files as per the advanced filter concepts.

Professional Solution to Get Better Outcomes

The Professional solution is far better than manual solutions. It is using the Best Outlook PST Splitter Software to solve Outlook stopped receiving emails problem. This tool can be operated just by drag and drop. It is easy to operate.

You will get multiple filters here to split PST files on the basis of date, year, folder, etc. There is no data loss. It keeps your data safe and secure. This is compatible with all Outlook versions. It is also able to work with the ANSI or UNICODE PST files. You can rely on this solution to get your task done. Follow the below steps:-

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  • Open the tool.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Choose the Add file, Add folder, and Search options as per necessity.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Open the file.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Choose Remove to unload a single file or RemoveAll to unload all files.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Browse to find the location of the resulting file and Next.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Choose an option from size, date, year, category, email id, and folder.
  • Select file size and Next.
    outlook stopped receiving emails


In the end, now you are able to distinguish between both the solutions manual and professional. Both are having their own importance. But sometimes manual solution is not performed well. The professional solution can work in all situations and give better results. A professional solution is recommended to get efficient results without any errors. Now you got the answer to your query outlook stopped receiving emails.