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Causes Of SQL Database Corruption – Complete Guide with Solutions

Published By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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SQL Server corruption causes

Are you looking for the causes of SQL database corruption? If yes, then, read this blog till the end and learn all the reasons for corruption and get a productive solution to conquer this problem.

Hii, this is Linda G. Ta. I was working on SQL Server and an error started showing on the screen. I wasn’t able to open my data files after that. Searching on Google about that I get to know this is a symptom of data file corruption. I want to know how SQL databases get corrupted and what is the reliable solution to repair that corrupted file. 

Microsoft SQL server is used to store and process data in a relational database. It stores all the information in a tabular form. Here, users have to write a  query for inserting, updating, removing, searching, or retrieving information from the database. The file format of SQL for storing these data is MDF (Master Database File) and NDF (Secondary Database File).

SQL server is considered the most operative and capable application that is used around the globe. Almost every organization and professional uses SQL to store data. However, sometimes the data files of SQL get corrupted and this could create problems in the database. There are several reasons for leading corruption in the database. Let’s discuss them in detail.

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Various Causes of SQL Database Corruption

If the user’s system has some hardware issues, for instance, disk failure, power outage, or the hard drive of the system get crashes. Then, it results in database corruption. Apart from this, there can be various reasons for database corruption.

  • Bug in Database Product: When Database applications like SQL Servers do not get data in the required format then, it could be the reason for the database corruption in the SQL.
  • Virus or Malware Attack: Intentional actions like unauthorized access, virus, or malware attacks may lead to the corruption of SQL data files in the database.
  • Network Problems: Network interruptions or communication errors between the client and the database server can disrupt data operations and lead to corruption.
  • Sudden Shutdown of the System:If a user working on an SQL server with data files and suddenly their system shutdown. Then, it could be one of the causes of SQL database corruption.
  • Human Errors: Accidental deletion, modification, or improper execution of database operations can cause data inconsistency and corruption.
  • Insufficient Resources: If the database server does not have enough memory, disk space, or other critical resources, it may result in database corruption.

Now, users are well aware of all the causes of SQL data file corruption. To overcome this issue, we are going to discuss an effective way in the upcoming section.

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Automated Solution to Fix Causes of SQL Database Corruption Effectively

Users must go through our Top 5 Best SQL Recovery Tools list to select the one that perfectly matches their requirements. However, for now, we are using SysTools software.

SysTools solution is one of the best tool is an automated solution to conquer the database corruption problem in a very seamless manner. This software is not only capable to repair corrupted files but also recovering Tables, Triggers, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, etc. It provides complete support to recover or repair multiple MDF files at once. This tool also provides complete surety of data security. So that, there is no loss of any valuable data. Apart from this, it offers many sophisticated features for users to provide ease of work for users.

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Features of the Automated Solution

As we discussed that the automated software has several features, let’s go through some of these:

  • This software is capable to recover deleted information from the table.
  • It offers the flexibility to export the recovered or repaired data into a new SQL server database or in the Existing database.
  • In case, if SQL Server is not installed on the machine then, the software allows exporting data in SQL-compatible scripts.
  • It has effective tools to export data from the table to CSV file format.
  • Users can recover their SQL database from 2000 to all the latest versions using this tool.
  • Also, provide an option to save the information as per requirement like save the file with schema only or schema with data both.

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Fix Causes of SQL Database Corruption Step by Step

To mitigate the challenges posed by the causes, users need to follow the few steps mentioned below: 

Step 1. Firstly, Download and Install the software in the system.

launch tool

Step 2. After that, click on the Quick or Advanced Scan option.

select scan mode

Step 3. Now, Preview database objects like Table, Views, Rules, Triggers, etc.

preview datbase

Step 4. Select the Destination Location on the software to continue option.

Select destination location

Step 5. Click on the New database if you want to export all the resultant data in the new database or click on the Existing one.

Set database

Step 6. Now, click on Schema only or Schema with data as per your requirement.

Select Schema

Step 7. At last, click on the Export button.

Click on Export

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Wrapping Up

Conclusively, in this article, we have provided users with all the causes of SQL database corruption problems. By keeping them in mind, they can save their database from getting corrupted. And if somehow still get corrupt then, we have provided a trustworthy solution to overcome this problem in just a few steps.