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What to do When the Outlook Mailbox is Full – Solution

Published By Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On October 4th, 2023
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what to do when the outlook mailbox is full

Outlook has several options to do like Emails, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Contacts, and many more. But where is all this data stored? Outlook uses its own file to store that data. But continuously active on Outlook receiving emails can take you to the error Outlook mailbox full or something else. This all happens because of the large data stored in the Outlook file.

If you are searching for a problem related to an error Outlook mailbox is full. Then, this is the right place. Here you will get an answer about the mailbox storage error Outlook mailbox full. 

Firstly try to understand why this problem arises in front of you when the Outlook mailbox is full. What are the reasons for that problem?

Reasons for Outlook Mailbox is Full Error

There can be multiple reasons for the error Outlook mailbox full. Let’s discuss some major reasons: –

  • Size Limit – Outlook has various versions now. The first version of the 2002 version it’s having a maximum file size of 2 GB. After that, it increased to 20 GB as per the user’s requirement. Now, by default fixed size becomes 50 GB. So, when it starts crossing this limit then you are facing an error.
  • Unusual Data – Sometimes unusual data is also stored in files that are not relevant to you. It also takes so much space and leads to face the issue of a mailbox full in Outlook. Due to which Outlook Stop Receiving emails also.

After knowing the reasons for the error Outlook mailbox is full. You may also think that my reason for searching for mailbox full in Outlook is not matched. There can be different reasons also to do this. Here listed only the major reasons. Now, it’s time to relate the effects due to the mailbox full in Outlook.

Effects of Full Mailbox in Outlook

Mailbox full can cause various problems for Outlook users. Sometimes it creates the users frustrated. Let’s see some major effects of mailbox full:-

  • Performance – It drastically hits Outlook’s performance. It creates a problem while sending and receiving emails. Sometimes it takes too much time to open the software and freezes many times.
  • Data Corruption – When the size limit exceeds, then there may be a possibility that data get corrupted. Due to data corruption, there is no surety that, your data is safe.

Here you know that the effects of error Outlook mailbox full. This error is not tolerable. They can’t be ignored at any cost. If you are facing the issues then this is the right time to overcome them. But if you are not facing these issues then later on, they will definitely come to you. Before they affect you, let’s come to a solution.

How to Solve the Problem of Mailbox is Full

There can be multiple solutions to deal with this problem. You can either do this manually or professionally. In the manual approach, you can do this just by Outlook’s inbuilt features. In a professional way, you are having multiple options to avoid Outlook mailbox full errors efficiently. Let’s start with the manual approach first.

1. Use the Compact Method to Avoid Errors

This is a manual way that can achieve easily in Outlook. It is a quick method to avoid the error of the mailbox being full. Follow the below steps to perform the compact method:-

  • Open File and then click on Account settings,


  • After that choose  Data File then tap on the PST file, and choose Settings.
  • Click on the Compact Now button and hit Ok after the process completes.
















2. Clean Your Mailbox Using Filter Out the Unwanted Data

This is another method that can help to get relief from Outlook mailbox full error. It is also possible in Outlook. It can be done using these steps:-

  • Click on File, and hit on Cleanup Tools.


  • Choose the empty deleted items folder.


  • Click on YES.








Now after analyzing properly, manual methods can be operated by a technical person who is having some technical knowledge. You have to be focused while performing the manual approach. If there is any mistake then, you may enter into  another trouble. Because here your data is very crucial. So, let’s see the right approach to managing your storage and solving the mailbox is a full error problem. Now, start the professional method to avoid Outlook mailbox full error.

Right Way to Solve Outlook Mailbox Full Error

Now the time is to choose the correct and efficient method. It is easy to go with this approach. SysTools PST Split, the Outlook PST file to solve the issue of the mailbox being full error. You can do just drag-and-drop operations. It maintains your data integrity. During the process, the file will not be damaged.

It also provides complete security to keep your data safe and secure, such as emails, notes, tasks, calendars, contacts, and journals. This is supported in all versions of Outlook. You can choose the size for resultant file as well from the range of 1 MB to 1 TB. It will surely help you to resolve the Outlook mailbox full error. You can also face the outlook mailbox is full after archiving error.


  • Launch the software.


  • You can choose any required option like ADD File to incase of a single PST file.
  • ADD Folder to for multiple PST files.
  • You can also use the SEARCH Files option to search files.

systools image

  • Hit on Browse to select the file and click Open.


  • Choose the REMOVE option to remove the single file.
  • And REMOVE ALL option to remove all files.


  • Hit on Browse to find the location of the resultant file then, click Next.


  • After finalizing the destination, you have multiple parameters like size, category, email, date, year, and folder.
  • Choose the size from 1 MB to 1 TB and then, Next.


Note:- You can also choose the SysTools PST Compress. This tool is providing you, with compressed data without any loss. Using this tool, you can compress PST files in batches also. After the compression process completes, you can take a look at  the log report that is having the all activities in detail. It can also be operated by Standard users without any Admin Privileges. If you are working with any older version of Outlook.


Finally, you got the solution to the mailbox full in Outlook problem. Now, you are having a complete idea about the mailbox size limit. How it can create issues for Outlook in terms of data loss and file inaccessibility errors. You are also aware of the manual ways to get out of this problem. But manual solutions are not good enough.

Because they are not working on the corrupted file and are not easy to do for a non-technical person. So, you should not rely on manual methods to solve Outlook mailbox problems. They require some technical knowledge as well. You can do any misstep while using Archiving or deleting old items and that misstep can screw up all things. So, use the professional way by properly usage of the tool. To get a solution to your problem “mailbox full error”.