How Do I Convert Gmail Emails to PDF as Legal Document?

Alessia Manon | Published: May 6, 2022 | Email Forensics, Gmail, PDF

Looking for a way to convert Gmail emails to PDF for submitting as legal documents in Court?

Then your search ends here…

In order to submit a document in court, it should be in a format that cannot be altered without leaving footprints. Only the documents which are unalterable are admissible as a legal document in Courts. In almost all legal offices storing or sharing of legal documents should be done in PDF file only.

Although there are other file formats that can also be used such as image formats (GIF, JPGE), PDF is one of the most used and preferred file formats. In this article, we will be solely focusing on the methods to convert multiple Gmail emails to PDF as legal documents for submitting it in court.

Why Convert Emails into PDF File?

During the forensic research, all the electronic mail evidence should be stored in a format so that it cannot be altered without leaving electronic trails. Any alteration in a PDF document can be traced and caught. The following are the few reasons to convert Gmail emails to PDF that meets the needs for legal admissibility in court:

  • Document Level Security
  • Proofs that email is unaltered
  • Analytics
  • Compatibility
  • Less Paper Work
  • Searchable Option in PDF
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Interactive Document
  • Lesser File Size
  • Contains Attachments
  • PDF as a Report

Legal Methods to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF

As we have explained above why PDF is preferred as the best format to submit as a legal document. Now let’s discuss what are the methods to convert Google email to PDFs that can be submitted in court. In all email clients, there is a default option to save email as PDF. Its enable when a user selects the emails and click on the 3-dot icon and then choose the Print option. While printing an email, the user can choose the Save as PDF option to convert that particular email in PDF file.

However, doing these steps for multiple emails is not an easy task. Below we have explained two methods to convert Gmail emails to PDF file format. One by using the default Print option and another with the help of the automated tool.

Method 1: Manually Convert Single Email in PDF File

1. First Login into your Gmail account whose emails you want to convert as PDF


2. As shown in below screenshot, click on the 3-dot icon at the top-right of email

3. Choose the Print option from the list of options

Convert Gmail Emails to PDF by Print

4. Next, click on the Change button


5. Now, choose the option “Save as PDF” to convert Gmail email to PDF (Portable Document Format) file

Convert Gmail Emails to PDF Format

6. Click on the Save button to begin the conversion process


7. Browser the location where you wish to save the converted email.


Tips: The manual method to convert Google emails to PDF is quite cumbersome when a bulk load of emails needs to be converted. To convert multiple emails, its best to opt for other workarounds that can effortlessly perform the conversion.

Method 2: Convert Multiple Gmail Emails to PDF

To effortlessly convert multiple Gmail emails and attachments to PDF as legal documents, it’s recommended to use an automated solution. As automated tools are specially designed software for such conversion, any technical or non-technical user can perform the task easily. The best-automated software that can convert Gmail emails to PDF is Gmail Email Backup. This single utility can convert all emails of Gmail along with attachments in PDF files. Apart from that, it can also be used to download contacts, calendars, and documents for a Gmail account. You can also export selected emails from Gmail.

Download for Win OS Download for Mac OS

Steps to convert Gmail emails to PDF:

  1. Download & Login into Gmail account Id and password

2. Select the Category as “E-mails” for conversion

3. Select the email conversion format as PDF

convert Gmail emails to PDF

4. Click on Apply Filter option for selective email conversion

5. Choose the Destination location & click on the Start button.


This blog illustrates the methods to convert Gmail emails to PDF that is admissible as a legal document in Courts. It’s necessary to opt for a method that is quick as well as 100% secure that will no alter the integrity of an email. So for such purposes, we have explained two methods. The first one is the default method that can be used for the conversion of each email one-by-one. Second by using a professional tool that are swift as well as secure. Additionally, it stores all the attachment of a Google email inside the PDF file itself.